1st Edition

The Transformation of Agri-Food Systems
Globalization, Supply Chains and Smallholder Farmers

ISBN 9781844075690
Published August 27, 2008 by Routledge
408 Pages

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'There should be a good market for this book. The topic is very timely and a major theme of the new World Development Report 2008. The editors and contributors are world class.' Derek Byerlee, World Bank 'This is a topic of wide interest and high policy importance. The depth of coverage and excellent synthesis should ensure that the book will have a substantial market in high-level undergraduate and graduate courses in agricultural development. It will have a solid readership among development economists and policy makers as well.' Mark Rosegrant, International Food Policy Research Institute The driving forces of income growth, demographic shifts, globalization and technical change have led to a reorganization of food systems from farm to plate. The characteristics of supply chains - particularly the role of supermarkets - linking farmers have changed, from consumption and retail to wholesale, processing, procurement and production. This has had a dramatic effect on smallholder farmers, particularly in developing countries. This book presents a comprehensive framework for assessing the impacts of changing agri-food systems on smallholder farmers, recognizing the importance of heterogeneity between developing countries as well as within them. The book includes a number of case studies from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, which are used to illustrate differences in food systems' characteristics and trends. The country case studies explore impacts on the small farm sector across different countries, local contexts and farm types. Published with FAO

Table of Contents

Foreword * Part I:Transformation of Food Systems and the Small Farmer:Key Concepts * Small Farms and the Transformation of Food Systems: An Overview * The Rapid Rise of Supermarkets in Developing Countries: Induced Organizational, Institutional and Technological Change in Agri-Food Systems * Food Policy in the Era of Supermarkets:What‘s Different? * The Food Processing Industry, Globalization and Developing Countries * Forces of Change Affecting African Food Markets: Implications for Public Policy * Part II: The Changing Structure of Food Systems * The Changing Nature and Structure of Agri-Food Systems in Developing Countries: Beyond the Farm Gate * The Impact of Globalization and Vertical Integration in Agri-Food Processing on Local Suppliers: Evidence from the Polish Dairy Sector * The Role of Santiago Wholesale Markets in Supporting Small Farmers and Poor Consumers * The Rapid Rise of Kenyan Supermarkets: Impacts on the Fruit and Vegetable Supply System * Linkages Between Smallholder Farmers and Supermarkets: Lessons from Zambia * Part III: Implications of Food Systems Transformation for Smallholder Farmers * Overview of Case Studies Assessing Impacts of Food Systems Transformation on Smallholder Farmers * The Transition from Maize Production Systems to High-value Agriculture in Kenya * Linking Small Farmers in Bhutan with Markets:The Importance of Road Access * Marketing Channels and their Implications for Smallholder Farmers in India * Marketing China‘s Fruit: Are Small, Poor Farmers being Excluded from the Supply Chain? * Supermarkets and Small Farmers:The Case of Fresh Vegetables in Honduras * Impact of International Food Safety Standards on Smallholders: Evidence from Three Cases * Index

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Ellen B. McCullough and Prabhu L. Pingali were, at the time of preparation of this book, economists at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Rome, Italy. Kostas G. Stamoulis is an economist at FAO, Italy. Prabhu Pingali is the former president of the International Association of Agricultural Economists.


'Very informative...a valuable source for academics, policy-makers and donors working in the field of agricultural and food value chains' Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture 'A comprehensive framework for assessing the impacts of changing agri-food systems on smallholder farmers.' Biotechnology, Agronomy SOciety and Environment