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The Transgender Studies Reader 2

ISBN 9780415517737
Published February 12, 2013 by Routledge
704 Pages

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Book Description

Over the past twenty years, transgender studies has emerged as a vibrant field of interdisciplinary scholarship. In 2006, Routledge’s The Transgender Studies Reader brought together the first definitive collection of the field. Since its publication, the field has seen an explosion of new work that has expanded the boundaries of inquiry in many directions. The Transgender Studies Reader 2 gathers these disparate strands of scholarship, and collects them into a format that makes sense for teaching and research.

Complementing the first volume, rather than competing with it, The Transgender Studies Reader 2 consists of fifty articles, with a general introduction by the editors, explanatory head notes for each essay, and bibliographical suggestions for further research. Unlike the first volume, which was historically based, tracing the lineage of the field, this volume focuses on recent work and emerging trends. To keep pace with this rapidly changing area, the second reader has a companion website, with images, links to blogs, video, and other material to help supplement the book.

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Table of Contents

 Introduction: Transgender Studies 2.0

I.  Transgender Perspectives In (and On) Radical Political Economy
1. Normalized Transgressions: Legitimizing the Transsexual Body as Productive
 Dan Irving
2. Retelling Racialized Violence, Remaking White Innocence: The Politics of Interlocking Oppressions in Transgender Day of Remembrance
 Sarah Lamble
3. Artful Concealment and Strategic Visibility: Transgender Bodies and U.S. State Surveillance After 9/11
 Toby Beauchamp
4.  Tracing This Body: Transsexuality, Pharmaceuticals & Capitalism
 Michelle O’Brien
5. Transsexual Necropolitics
 Jin Haritaworn and C. Riley Snorton

II. Making Trans-Culture(s): Texts, Performances, Artifacts
6. “The White To Be Angry”: Vaginal Creme Davis’ Terrorist Drag
 Jose Esteban Muñoz
7. Felt Matters
Jeanne Vaccaro
8.  Groping Theory: Haptic Cinema and Trans-Curiosity in Hans Scheirl’s Dandy Dust
 Eliza Steinbock
9.  The Transgender Look
 J. Halberstam
10. Embracing Transition, or Dancing in the Folds of Time
 Julian Carter

III. Transsexing Humanimality
11. Selections from Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature  and People
 Joan Roughgarden
12. Animal Transsex
Myra Hird
13. Animals Without Genitals: Race and Transsubstantiation
Mel Chen
14. Lessons from a Starfish
 Eva Hayward
15. Interdependent Ecological Transsex: Notes on Re/Production, “Transgender” Fish, and the Management of Populations, Species, and Resources
 Bailey Keir

IV. Transfeminisms
16. Feminist Solidarity After Queer Theory: The Case of Transgender
 Cressida Heyes
17. Inclusive Pedagogy in the Women’s Studies Classroom: Teaching the Kimberly Nixon Case
Viviane Namaste (with Georgia Sitara)
18. Skirt Chasers: Why the Media Depicts the Trans Revolution in Lipstick and Heels
 Julia Serano
19. The Education of Little Cis: Cisgender and the Discipline of Opposing Bodies 
 A. Finn Enke
20. Our Bodies Are Not Ourselves: Tranny Guys and the Racialized Class Politics of Incoherence
 Bobby Noble

V. Cross Talk: Contention and Complexity in Trans-Discourses
21. Body Shame, Body Pride: Lessons From the Disability Rights Movement
 Eli Clare
22. The Pharmaco-Pornographic Regime: Sex, Gender, and Subjectivity in the Age of Punk Capitalism
 Beatriz Preciado
23. Evil Deceivers and Make-Believers: On Transphobic Violence and the Politics of Illusion
Talia Mae Bettcher
24. “Still At the Back of the Bus”: Sylvia Rivera’s Struggle
 Jessi Gan
25. Transgender Subjectivity and the Logic of Sexual Difference
Shanna Carlson

VI. Timely Matters: Temporality and Trans-historicity 
26. Towards A Transgender Archaeology: A Queer Rampage Through Prehistory
Mary Weismantel
27. Selections from “Before the Tribade: Medieval Anatomies of Female  Masculinity and Pleasure”
 Karma Lochrie
28. Extermination of the Joyas: Gendercide in Spanish California
 Deborah A. Miranda
29. Before Transgender: Transvestia’s Gender Spectrum, 1960-1980
 Robert Hill
30. Reading Transsexuality in “Gay” Tehran (Around 1979)
Afsaneh Najmabadi

VII. Being There: The (Im)material Locations of Trans-Phenomena
31. Between Surveillance and Liberation: The Lives of Cross-Dressed Male Sex  Workers in Early Postwar Japan
 Todd Henry
32. An Ethics of Transsexual Difference: Luce Irigaray and the Place of Sexual Undecideability
 Gayle Salamon
33. Touching Gender: Abjection and the Hygienic Imagination
Sheila Cavanaugh
34. Perverse Citizenship: Divas, Marginality, and Participation in “Loca-Lization”
 Marcia Ochoa
35. Thinking Figurations Otherwise: Reframing Dominant Knowledges of Sex and Gender Variance in Latin America
 Vek Lewis

VIII. Going Somewhere: Transgender Movement(s)
36. Transgender Without Organs? Mobilizing a Geo-affective Theory of Gender  Modification
 Lucas Crawford
37. Longevity and Limits in Rae Bourbon’s Life in Motion
 Don Romesberg
38. The Romance of the Amazing Scalpel: Race, Affect and Labor in Thai Gender Reassignment Clinics
 Aren Z. Aizura
39.  Trans/scriptions: Homing Desires, (Trans)sexual Citizenship and Racialized Bodies
 Nael Bhanji
40. Transportation: Translating Filipino/Filipino-American Tomboy Masculinities Through Seafaring and Migration
 Kale Fajardo

IX. Biopolitics and the Administration of Trans-Embodiment(s)
41. Kaming Mga Talyada (We Who Are Sexy): The Transsexual Whiteness of Christine Jorgensen in the (Post)Colonial Philippines
 Susan Stryker
42.  Electric Brilliancy: Cross-Dressing Law and Freak Show Displays in Nineteenth- Century San Francisco
 Clare Sears
43. Shuttling Between Bodies and Borders: Transmigration and the Politics of Rightful Killing
 Sima Shakhsari
44. Silhouettes of Defiance: the memorialization of historical sites of queer and transgender resistance in an age of neoliberal inclusivity
 Che Gossett
45. Neutering the Transgendered: Human Rights and Japan’s Law No. 111
 Laura Norton

X. Trans-oriented Practices, Policies, and Social Change
46. “We Won't Know Who You Are”: Contesting Sex Designations in New York  City Birth Certificates
 Paisley Currah and Lisa Jean Moore
47. Reinscribing Normality: The Politics of Transgender Marriage
 Ruthann Robson
48. Performance as Intravention: Ballroom Culture and the Politics of HIV/AIDS in Detroit
 Marlon Bailey
49. Transgender as Mental Illness: Nosology, Social Justice, and the Tarnished Golden Mean
 Nick Gorton
50. Building an Abolitionist Trans & Queer Movement with Everything We’ve Got
     Dean Spade, Morgan Bassichis and Alex Lee

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Susan Stryker is Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies, and Director of the Institute for LGBT Studies, University of Arizona.

Aren Z. Aizura is Mellon Postdoctoral Associate at the Institute for Research on Women and the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers University.