1st Edition

The Treasure of the Copper Scroll The Opening and Decipherment of the Most Mysterious of the Dead Sea Scrolls, A Unique Inventory of Buried Treasure

By John Marco Allegro Copyright 1960

    First published in 1960, The Treasure of the Copper Scroll is the companion volume to John Marco Allegro’s People of the Dead Sea Scrolls and tells the story of this unusual, buried treasure. Allegro here reveals much hitherto unknown information – the location of many of the cities of the Old Testament, events of the second Jewish Revolt, and the relation between the Essene community at Qumran and the New Testament interest in healing. With facsimiles of the scroll, translations of its texts, and a thorough discussion of its significance, with maps indicating many of the probable present-day hiding places, the book is a truly fascinating report on this unusual document and a first long step toward the unravelling of its secrets.

    Foreword Illustrations Abbreviations 1. Discovery and Opening 2. Decipherment 3. The Treasure 4. The Places: Sites about the Dead Sea 5. The Places: The Jericho Area 6. The Places: The Jerusalem Area 7. Who Hid the Treasure? 8. Summary and Conclusion Notes to the Translation Index


    John Marco Allegro