616 Pages
    by Routledge

    Provides essential statistical and directory material on these vast North American nations and the issues surrounding them.
    Completely revised and updated, this fifth edition brings together statistical, factual and directory information on these two vast nations and their constituent states, provinces and territories. It includes:
    * Over 580 pages of in-depth analysis and thoroughly researched data
    * Comprehensive geographical, historical, economic and political information
    * Contributions from acknowledged regional experts.
    General Survey
    * Leading experts on the area analyse topics of regional interest and importance including: NAFTA at Eight: Cross Currents; The USA, Canada and the Pacific Rim; Opening and Closing Doors: Immigration Policies in Canada and the USA; Environment at the Crossroads and The Economic Development of Alaska and the Canadian North.
    Country Surveys
    * Details of Presidents/Prime Ministers; chronologies; geographic and demographic details; tables on area and population
    * Essays on the economy, social issues and public affairs of both countries, including: US Foreign Policy Post-11 September; Corporate Responsibility and the Changing Political Context; and Canadian Social Policy: Harmonizing Federal and Provincial Systems? plus a select bibliography for sources of further research
    * A demographic and economic survey using the latest statistics from government and official sources
    * Essential names, addresses and contact numbers covering the constitution, government, legislature, judiciary, political organizations, diplomatic representation, religious groups, the media, finance, trade and industry, and tourism.


    Jacqueline West

    'A truly valuable and impressive work.' - International Journal on World Peace

    'The work is a valuable overview.' - American Reference Book Annual