628 Pages
    by Routledge

    This renowned reference title provides essential statistical and directory material on these vast North American nations and the issues surrounding it. Completely revised and updated, this sixth edition brings together statistical, factual and directory information on these two vast nations and their constituent states, provinces and territories.
    It includes:
    * Over 600 pages of in-depth analysis and thoroughly researched data
    * Comprehensive geographical, historical, economic and political information
    * Contributions from acknowledged regional experts.

    Introductory Essays
    * Leading experts on the area analyse topics of interest and importance to the region as a whole, including: NAFTA at Ten: Prospects; A New Pacific Century? North America and the Pacific Rim; Imigration Policies and Nation-building in Canada and the USA; Environment at the Crossroads and The Economic Development of Alaska and the Canadian North.

    Each country is dealt with in greater detail within its own section. Part Two: USA, Part Three: Canada
    Each country chapter includes:
    * Introduction
    * Essays US Foreign Policy under George W. Bush: The Implications of 11 September; The Role of the USA in the Middle East: An Historical Overview; Manufacturing and Construction in the USA; In a Complicated State: Health Policy in the USA; Politics and Administration in Canada; Natural Resources and Primary Economic Activities in Canada; Perspectives on Canadian Social Policy: Social Security, Health and Education and Canadian Government Finances.
    * Directory and Statistics.


    Jacqueline West

    'A truly valuable and impressive work' - International Journal on World Peace

    'This is a superb combination of directory, statistical sources, and analytical surveys of topics of major interest about these two great countries' - Reference Reviews