1st Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Original World Language Resources How to Open, Fill, and Grow a Successful Online Curriculum Store

By Erin E. H. Austin Copyright 2021
    168 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    168 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Anyone can open an online curriculum store, but how many know how to do it effectively and in a way that maximizes earning potential? Based on years of experience, research, pitfalls, and triumphs, this essential guidebook supports the World Language teacher-author in navigating the exciting world of selling curriculum on an online platform.

    With this guide, there is no more sifting through boring content, trying to figure out how it translates to your content area, as the World Language-specific examples in Section 1 (Opening Your Store), Section 2 (Filling Your Store), and Section 3 (Growing a Successful Store) cut to the chase with real-world examples for language teachers. Each section provides critical tips, all designed to boost sales. The guided workspace pages organize planning and content strategies and serve as markers for your store’s growth.

    Whether you are just starting out or already have a store established, this guide is the #1 tool to "level up" your online curriculum store. If you are a World Language teacher who enjoys making money while you sleep, this is for you!

    Section 1: Opening Your Store 1. The Sky’s the Limit: Defining What’s Possible 2. Why Bother: Making the Case for Selling Curriculum 3. Why Me: Knowing Your Worth 4. To Pay or Not to Pay: Selecting a Status 5. Branding Yourself: Choosing the Right Store Name and Image 6. Shift Your Lens: Sorting What You Have and Don’t Have (Yet) 7. Different People, Different Needs: Knowing Your Buyers 8. There is Only One You: Finding Your Niche 8. It’s Starting to Get Real: Uploading Your Free Item 9. Get Organized: Setting Your Preliminary Categories 10. Legal Talk: Staying Lawsuit-Free Section 1: Homework Section 2: Filling Your Store 1. You Have More Than You Think: Creating Products 2. If You Upload It, It Will Sell: Using Best Practices 3. Customer Service Strategy #1: Playing Offense 4. Sales Strategy #1: Bundling Your Products 5. Sales Strategy #2: Hyperlinking Your Products 6. Sales Strategy #3: Creating Templates 7. Sales Strategy #4: Establishing Curb Appeal 8. Equity Matters: Integrating Social Justice into Our Work 9. It’s a Big World: Capitalizing on Culture 10. Show Me the Money: Pricing Products Fairly 11. Make it Official: Uploading Your Products 12. Customer Service Strategy #2: Playing Defense 13. Data Collection: Tracking Your Progress Section 2: Homework Section 3: Growing a Successful Store 1. Opening Thoughts 2. Crystal Clear: Creating Your Terms of Use 3. Everyone Loves a Discount: Throwing Sales 4. Refine Your Entrepreneurial Skills: Creating a Product Line 5. The Pied Piper: Garnering Followers 6. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Working With a Partner 7. More Screen Time: Leveraging Social Media & Other Tech Options 8. Menu of Options: Considering Related Possibilities 9. April is Coming: Tackling Tax Time 10. Dream Big: Setting Two Types of Goals 11. Marie Kondo Your World: Staying Organized 12. Keep On Keepin’ On: Finding Inspiration and Staying Motivated Section 3: Homework Final Thoughts


    Erin E. H. Austin is a National Board Certified French teacher in Colorado. She began her teaching career in Minnesota in 2002, and she holds a B.A. in both French and Art Education, an M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction, and graduate certificates in French Studies and Gifted, Creative & Talented Education. She was an NEA Foundation Global Fellow in 2018. She has been an active online curriculum seller since 2014.

    "I wish I had this resource when I started my store! It answers all those questions you never knew you didn’t know."– The Profe Store LLC

    "This book was a total game changer and a small investment turned large return! I never thought I could develop a sustainable side income from materials that I create, but with the ideas in this book, my TpT store has provided just that!"–Maestra Hallett, TpT store