1st Edition

The Unity of Science

By David Bensimon Copyright 2022
    390 Pages 69 Color & 41 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    390 Pages 69 Color & 41 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The Unity of Science presents a unique overview of natural phenomena and foundations of different technologies (chemistry, electronics, optics, etc.). It explores the connections and unified foundations of diverse scientific and technological fields. The author explains how much of Nature (at the very small and very large scales) and most of our technology can be understood/derived from a few basic principles or concepts (Newton and Coulomb’s laws, special relativity, Schrodinger’s equation and the concept of entropy).


    Additional features include:

    • Uses a systematic derivation of Statistical Mechanics from information theory, a connection central understanding the brain and the functioning of Deep Learning networks.
    • Explains how combining special relativity with electrostatics allows one to understand magnetic phenomena.
    • Details how the unification of special relativity with QM allows one to understand the origin of anti-matter and spin (Dirac’s equation).

    This book is ideal for students of chemistry, material sciences and engineering and professionals with an engineering/scientific/mathematical background.

    The Unity of Science. Classical Mechanics. Electromagnetism. Quantum Mechanics. Statistical Mechanics. Appendix.


    David Bensimon, Professor, laboratoire de Physique, ENS, Paris and dept. Chemistry UCLA, Los Angeles, CA