180 Pages
    by Routledge

    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Uprising of Women in Philanthropy tells the inspiring, never-before-told, story of the Global Women’s Funding Movement – considered the women’s movement’s greatest secret – and how it enabled women from all walks of life to harness the power of money to free themselves from oppression.

    Brimming with feminist epiphanies, this social justice playbook is an urgent call for women’s collective leadership to guide humanity through the gravest of challenges, overcoming patriarchy’s multi-millennium reign through the uprising of women leaders and philanthropists. Founded during the second wave women’s movement of the early 1970s, small groups of women across the world, independent of each other, had the same epiphany: it will take a movement of women to raise the money needed to fund women’s freedom. Since then, the Global Women's Funding Movement has grown into a global network of radically generous, risk-taking philanthropists who collectively wield financial might to win seismic gender equality victories. The authors document the "Women Effect" that results from gender equality and women’s collective leadership, including improved public health and reproductive justice, expanded public education, stronger democracies, resilient economies, climate recovery and enduring peace. The Women's Funding Movement is guided by its Feminist Funding Principles and, through them, it has innovated the most effective philanthropic practices, including trust-based philanthropy.

    The Uprising of Women in Philanthropy is for those interested in focusing the power of philanthropy on leveraging systemic social justice victories and gender equality gains. The long-practiced “Feminist Funding Principles” imparted by the authors is a recipe for the feminist alchemy needed to transform society for the betterment of all.

    1. Uprising: The Global Women's Funding Movement Emerges, 2. And Still We Rise! Building a Global Women's Funding Movement, 3. Nothing About Us Without Us: Trust-Based Philanthropy, 4. Women at the Frontlines of Crisis: Funding and Supporting, 5. In It for the Long Haul: Funding Systemic Change Led by Women, Girls and Gender Expansive People, 6. Women, Money, and Power: Coming into Our Own


    The Uprising of Women in Philanthropy is written in a collective voice and is also, we believe, an important human rights document. It offers a roadmap to achieve a thriving democracy. This book marks the first time that women’s rights philanthropists have united, in book form and in one voice, to call for massive investments in women’s rights for social justice change. The Uprising of Women in Philanthropy will be an important addition to the works of the few, but highly influential, feminist collective authorships.

    "Everyone who cares about making the world a kinder and safer place should know that the women’s funding movement is doing exactly that. Read this book, take heart, and pass it on!"

    Gloria Steinem, Writer, Activist, and Feminist Organizer

    "My work as Executive Director of UN Women and UN Under-Secretary-General taught me that activism without money falls short of implementation. Women’s funds and women’s funding movements knew this a long time ago and this book gives a glimpse of the power of women’s ability to pay forward."

    Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Former United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women

    "Every person involved in philanthropy should read this book to truly understand the partnership of philanthropists and activists around the world in making radical and upending change. Change that puts justice at the center of how communities survive and thrive."

    Lori Barra, Executive Director, The Isabel Allende Foundation

    "By capturing the stories of the women’s funding movement over the past fifty years, this book invites us to think more expansively about what is possible when philanthropy gets serious about resourcing the movements working on issues that affect the lives of women and their communities. It is a historical reminder of what can be done for anyone seeking to boldly shift how to fund feminist movements so communities can thrive."

    Teresa C. Younger, President and CEO, Ms. Foundation for Women

    "Women have been philanthropic actors and activists in the truest sense of those words for generations - in every part of the globe. Yet such philanthropy continues to be under acknowledged at best. This book tells the important stories of the activism and impact of women's funds across the world in support of feminist and justice movements. Shine that light!"

    Theo Sowa, Former CEO, African Women's Development Fund

    "Fascinating stories about gender, power, and philanthropy. This book gives you a behind the scenes look at how the global women’s funding movement weaves its way around the globe to support activists on the ground and reimagine philanthropy."

    PeiYao Chen, President and CEO, Global Fund for Women

    "The Women's Funding Movement is a game changer in the world of philanthropy and gender justice around the globe. If you want to know what, why, when, where and how this is the book to read. This is a movement that invites all of us to participate regardless of resources. Read and be inspired."

    Pat Mitchell, Co-Founder of ConnectedWomenLeaders and Project Dandelion, and author of Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change The World

    "Women’s funds understood long ago that real change can happen when intersectional feminist movements are sustained, connected, and trusted to lead the way and define what success looks like. This is an urgent lesson for philanthropy at large that is explored in this book."

    Giselle Carino, Founding CEO of Fòs Feminista

    "I witnessed brave women catapult the global women's funding movement into a new era. This book, akin to a financial Wonder Woman, testifies to women's power to use money for equity and justice. It inspires boldness and bravery, deeply rooted in listening and co-creation. It's a call to action for those who believe in change and a better future. So, gear up and join the uprising!"

    Lisa Witter, CEO, Apolitical Foundation and Co-Founder, Apolitical

    "Finally, a book that covers, with great care, the history, impact and stunning success of the global women’s funding movement. Sharing stories of the amazing work of these changemakers is inspiring and will serve as a clarion call to keep the movement strong.  Now more than ever we need to be reminded of all that has been done to secure economic, legislative, and reproductive justice for women and girls and gender expansive folks. Read this book and then get to work!"

    Mary F. Morten, President, Morten Group, LLC

    "For anyone interested in learning about the global impact of women and how women continue to be intentional, allocating personal funding into Women’s Foundations, this important book will inspire them."

    Laura Davis, Managing Director, Banker, J.P. Morgan

    "This is the untold story of how the women’s funding movement, with its unexpected partnerships, has changed lives around the world. A must read for change makers!"

    Elizabeth Seja Min, Strategist, Storyteller & Facilitator

    "Women do lead differently, and the global women’s funding movement is a wonderful illustration for us all. This book is a must-read for anyone committed to building a new philanthropy; a new way of connecting generosity to the opportunity to make a difference. At the center of re-imagining philanthropy must be a woman's wisdom that integrates intersectionality, collaboration and transparency and this is the blueprint."

    Dr. Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg, Founder & Executive Director, Black Women in Executive Leadership (B-WEL)

    "Women and girls matter, and yet if you look at the philanthropic funding that goes to this half of the population you would not know it. Achieving equality requires big funding and that is what the Women’s Funding Movement is all about. Big Change."

    Jacki Zehner, Founder, SheMoney, Co-Founder Women Moving Millions and former Partner, Goldman Sachs

    "Women’s financial equity drives the growth of women’s philanthropy. With increasing financial power millions more women want to join the millions already part of the 'uprising' in philanthropy. Get this book on your reading list and get re-energized about equity!"

    Diana van Maasdijk, Co-Founder & CEO, Equileap

    "Shifting money and power – how women have been leading the charge and creating a philanthropic movement birthed in the intersectionality of women’s rights and human rights.  Every person involved in philanthropy should read this book to see 50 years of examples of centering justice and communities."

    Tuti Scott, Coach and Facilitator, Changemaker Strategies