1st Edition

The Veterinary ICU Book

By Wayne Wingfield, Marc Raffe Copyright 2002
    1360 Pages
    by Teton NewMedia

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    This book is dedicated to the fundamental clinical signs of astute observation, careful differential diagnosis and analytical therapeutic decision making in emergency veterinary settings. It clearly defines the physiological and clinical principles that are fundamental to the management of the critically ill small animal patient. This practical presentation includes clear guidelines for organizing, equipping and staffing an emergency/Critical Care unit and discusses ethical and legal concerns in Emergency/Critical Care medicine. With liberal use of algorithms, diagnostic imaging and original line art, The Veterinary ICU Book is the product of 80 expert contributing authors who have created a concise, clinically specific resource for the specialist, residents in training, veterinary practitioners, technicians and students.

    Published by Teton New Media in the USA and distributed by CRC Press outside of North America.

    Section I: Physiology Review
    1 Applied Cardiovascular Physiology
    -C. W. Miller
    2 Respiratory Gas Transport
    -Marc R. Raffe
    3 Oxidant Injury
    -Paul L. Marino
    4 The Gastrointestinal Barrier
    -R. A. Bowen
    5 Receptor Physiology
    -DeWayne Townsend, IV and David R. Brown
    Section II: Standard Practices in Patient Care
    6 Emergency Vascular Access and Intravenous Catheterization
    -Suzanne G. Barker Wingfield
    7 Pain Management
    -Peter W. Hellyer
    8 Oximetry and Capnography
    -Marc R. Raffe
    9 Principles of Mechanical Ventilation
    -Marc R. Raffe
    10 Endoscopy
    -Michael E. Matz
    11 Thoracoscopy
    -Ronald S. Walton
    12 Respiratory Care
    -Marc R. Raffe
    13 Fluid and Electrolyte Therapy
    -Wayne E. Wingfield
    14 Transfusion Medicine
    -Maura T. Green
    15 Nutrition in Critically Ill Animals
    -Jeffrey Proulx
    16 Cancer Cachexia
    -Martin J. Fettman
    17 Pacemakers
    -Eric Monnet
    18 Electrocardiography
    -Rene Scalf
    19 Arterial and Venous Blood Gases
    -Harold Davis
    Section III: Monitoring the Critically Ill Animal
    20 Cardiovascular Monitoring
    -Eric Monnet
    21 Respiratory System
    -E. Christopher Orton
    22 Acute Renal Failure
    -Sheri J. Ross, Carl A. Osborne, Jody P. Lulich, and David J. Polzin
    23 Radiography of the Critical Care Patient
    -Robert O`Brien
    24 Echocardiography and Doppler Flow
    -June A. Boon
    25 Critical Care Applications of Abdominal Sonography
    -Robert H. Wrigley
    26 Emergency Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Animals
    -Patrick R. Gavin, Rodney S. Bagley, and Russell Tucker
    27 Severity of Disease and Outcome Prediction
    -Leslie G. King
    Section IV: Cardiovascular Disorders
    28 Cardiopulmonary Arrest
    -Wayne E. Wingfield
    29 Hemorrhage and Hypovolemia
    -Marc R. Raffe and Wayne E. Wingfield
    30 The Management of Acute Heart Failure
    -Anthony P. Carr
    31 Arrhythmias in Critical Care
    -Marc R. Raffe and Elizabeth O`Toole
    32 Pulmonary Hypertension
    -E. Christopher Orton
    33 Pericardial Effusion
    -Wayne E. Wingfield
    34 Cardiomyopathies
    -Julie M. Martin and Janice McIntosh Bright
    Section V: Respiratory Failure
    35 Near-Drowning
    -Sheila McCullough
    36 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    -Lesley G. King and Lori S. Waddell
    37 Aspiration Pneumonitis
    -Elisa M. Mazzaferro
    38 Laryngeal and Tracheal Disorders
    -Adam J. Reiss and Brendan C. McKiernan
    39 Allergic Airway Disease
    -Brendan C. McKiernan and Carrie Miller
    40 Pulmonary Edema
    -Dez Hughes
    41 Pneumonia
    -Adam J. Reiss and Brendan C. McKiernan
    42 Thoracic Injuries
    -Catriona M. MacPhail
    Section VI: Infection and Inflammation
    43 Fever in the ICU Patient
    -Michael S. Lagutchik
    44 Multiorgan Failure
    -Timothy Hackett
    45 Sepsis
    -Cynthia M. Otto
    46 Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia
    -Leah S. Faudskar
    47 Acute Tumor Lysis Syndrome
    -Gregory K. Ogilvie
    48 Peritonitis
    -Andrew J. Staatz
    49 Disorders of Hemostasis
    -Michael S. Henson and Stephanie A. Smith
    Section VII: Digestive Disorders
    50 Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus
    -Wayne E. Wingfield
    51 Acute Hemorrhagic Diarrhea
    -Timothy Hackett
    52 Acute Pancreatitis in the Dog
    -Donald S. Westfall
    53 Severe Liver Disease
    -Ronald S. Walton
    54 Portosystemic Shunts
    -Sheldon Padgett
    55 Esophageal Disorders
    -Sheldon Padgett
    56 Gastric Outflow Obstruction
    -Sheldon Padgett
    57 Intestinal Obstruction
    -Joseph Harari
    Section VIII: Endocrine Disorders
    58 Adrenal Dsyfunction
    -Douglass K. MacIntyre
    59 Pancreatic Disorders: Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Insulinoma
    -Deborah S. Greco
    60 Thyroid Disorders
    -Julia K. Veir and Deborah S. Greco
    61 Parathyroid Disorders
    -Kevin A. Hahn
    Section IX: Neurologic Disorders
    62 Single Seizure, Cluster Seizures, and Status Epilepticus
    -Joane Parent and Roberto Poma
    63 Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
    -Juliet R. Gionfriddo and Cynthia C. Powell
    64 Myasthenia Gravis
    -Curtis W. Dewey
    Section X: Trauma
    65 Abdominal Trauma
    -Joseph Harari
    66 Brain Trauma
    -Curtis W. Dewey
    67 Spinal Injury
    -Curtis W. Dewey
    68 Respiratory Injury
    -Elisa M. Mazzaferro
    69 Penetrating Wounds
    -Michael M. Pavletic
    70 Burn Injury
    -Nishi Dhupa
    71 Smoke Inhalation
    -Kenneth J. Drobatz
    72 The Transfusion Trigger
    -Wayne E. Wingfield
    73 Myocardial Injury
    -Adam J. Reiss and Wayne E. Wingfield
    Section XI: Toxicology and Environmental
    74 Bites and Stings
    -Terry W. Campbell
    75 Reptile Envenomations
    -Wayne E. Wingfield
    76 Ethylene Glycol Toxicity
    -Craig B. Webb
    77 Adverse Reactions to Therapeutic Drugs in the CCU Patient
    -Dawn Merton Boothe
    78 Changes in Drug Dispositions and Drug Interaction
    -Dawn Merton Boothe
    79 Rodenticides
    -J. Michael Walters
    80 Accidental Hypothermia
    -Wayne E. Wingfield
    81 Hyperthermia / 1130
    -J. Michael Walters
    82 Toxicology of Antineoplastic Treatments
    -Kenneth M. Rassnick
    Section XII: The Veterinary Critical Care Unit
    83 Equipping an Emergency/Critical Care Veterinary Hospital
    -Wayne E. Wingfield
    84 Staffing the Intensive Care Unit
    -Leslie G. King and Leslie Carter
    85 Staff Relations and Work/Life Balance
    -Ashley Harvey, Dana Durrance, Greg Conger,and Sara Sugarman
    86 The Human-Animal Bond
    -Dana Durrance, Ashley Harvey, and Greg Conger
    87 Ethics in Veterinary Critical Care Medicine
    -Bernard E. Rollin
    88 Advanced Directives and Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders
    -Charlotte A. Lacroix and Diedre Nolling
    89 Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Triage
    -Wayne E. Wingfield and Lorna Lanman
    Section XIII: Appendices
    Appendix 1. Units and Conversions
    Appendix 2. Continuous Rate Infusions
    Appendix 3. Selected Reference Ranges