1st Edition

The Voice Coach's Toolkit

By Pamela Prather Copyright 2023
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Voice Coach's Toolkit identifies the primary professional vocal coaching opportunities and the avenues by which a student or early career coach can navigate the vocation.

    For purposes of this book, the Voice Coach is defined as someone who coaches the spoken voice in three precise areas: the teaching artist, the professional film/TV/theatre coach, and the professional voice-user coach. These three coaching worlds are broadly defined and each area includes in-depth interviews and practical advice from top coaches along with the author’s personal expertise.

    The book can be read in sections or as a whole, making it as useful for early career coaches as it is for those looking to expand their vocal coaching career or vocal pedagogy students who need a broad survey of all three areas.

    Section I  1. What is a Voice Coach?  2. The Voice Coach as Teaching Artist (VCTA)  3. The Professional Voice Coach for Actors (PVCA)  4. The Professional Voice User Coach (PVUC)  5. Vocal Health Topics for the Voice Coach  Section II  Introduction to Words of Wisdom  List of Interviewees  Words of Wisdom: Interviews with the Experts  Appendix: Pamela’s Vocal Health Care Tips  Interviewee Biographies  Bibliography


    Pamela Prather is the Founder of Pamela Prather Coaching LLC and Associate Professor Emeritus at SUNY Purchase College. She has been on faculty at Yale School of Drama and NYU, among others. She is a voice, accent/dialect, and executive presentational coach and a Past President of The Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA).

    "This is an exciting and enriching book for both the actor to understand the importance of the vocal coach (VC) for the speaking voice but also for the director who must see the need to engage with the VC at the commencement of the production process. This book has painstakingly documented lived experiences of vocal coaches thereby creating job avenues for upcoming coaches." — Abímbọìlá Stephen-Adésinà, Arts Fellow, Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

    "In The Voice Coach’s Toolkit, Pamela Prather has written a book that is personal, accessible and very practical. As well as telling us the journey of her own experiences as a vocal coach, Pamela has interviewed a wide range of teachers that allows us to hear a variety of stories and receive the perspectives and insights acquired from a professional life in the field of voice. A great read!" — Andrea Haring, Executive Director, The Linklater Center for Voice and Language

    "I have often been asked, 'How and what do I do?' Although I am now a 'retired' voice professional, this book gave me a very comprehensive definition of my/our professional life journey. It was so rewarding to hear colleagues and former students reflect on the specifics and dynamics of 'how' we relate to our assignments and clientele. I kept saying to myself, 'YES!'" — Barry Kur, Professor Emeritus, Penn State University School of Theatre

    "This book is like attending a complete voice conference over a number of days, and then having a tea date with them afterwards to continue the conversation. Each session is packed full of useful advice from experienced professionals. It is a must-read resource for all voice coaches and those just getting into the field. Well done, Pamela!" — Betty Moulton, former president of VASTA and Professor Emerita, University of Alberta (Canada)

    "Providing a comprehensive introduction to the field of voice coaching and full of wonderful advice from experienced voice coaches, The Voice Coach's Toolkit is an excellent resource both for the beginner and the established professional." — David Carey, formerly Resident Voice and Text Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA

    "What an honor to be included in Pamela Prather’s remarkably inspiring and practical The Voice Coach’s Toolkit. Her interviews of world renown leaders of this field make the reader feel they are in the room listening to personal conversations and stories – gleaning the pathways so they can join in and enter this profession themselves." — Jan Gist, Professor of Voice, Speech, Dialects, Old Globe/ University of San Diego Shiley Graduate Theatre Program

    "The world of voice coaching is changing as fast as the rest of our lives, and Pamela Prather’s handbook addresses important new themes as well as perennial principles. Her presentation of various subtypes of coaching will especially help those new to the field." — Joanna Cazden MFA, MS-CCC, Holistic Voice Rehabilitation

    "Pamela Prather takes her readers on a remarkable deep dive into the expansive world of voice coaching. This engaging toolkit succeeds at conveying the nuance and complexity involved in professional voice care, all while maintaining a uniquely flowing and conversational writing style." — Michael Lerner, MD, Laryngologist, Division of Otolaryngology, Yale School of Medicine

    "Aún con la visibilidad que ha alcanzado la profesión en años recientes, el camino para llegar a ser docente de voz sigue siendo confuso. Prather ha tenido el buen tino y la bondad de poner en un solo sitio múltiples recursos de gran utilidad, especialmente para quienes comenzamos en este andar de la voz escénica. (Even with the visibility that the profession has achieved in recent years, the path to becoming a voice teacher remains confusing. Prather has had the good sense and kindness to put multiple very useful resources in one place, especially for those of us who are just starting out on this stage voice journey)." — Oscar Quiroz, MFA Acting Candidate, Michigan State University and Former Voice Teacher, National School of Dramatic Art of Honduras

    "Prather’s engaging resource for voice professionals, The Voice Coach's Toolkit, is a well-organized interwoven series of interviews that guides one to a rich understanding of approaches. The interviews with luminaries in the field – some of whom are no longer with us – are treasures." — Patricia Raun, Professor of Theatre, Virginia Tech

    "The Voice Coach’s Toolkit by Pamela Prather is an invaluable resource for new and established voice, speech and dialect coaches who want to build a career. In an ever expanding field, this book brings together the numerous strands – both methodologies and practitioners – to provide ways and means for navigating training, best practices in teaching and coaching, and building a profitable business." — Rena Cook, former Head of Voice at the School of Drama, University of Oklahoma and founder of Vocal Authority