1st Edition

The Web in Higher Education Assessing the Impact and Fulfilling the Potential

By D Lamont Johnson, Cleborne D Maddux Copyright 2002

    A contemporary look at the merger of technology and education!

    This timely collection of analytical essays provides provocative discourse on the role technology will play in education in the 21st century. In this book, an esteemed panel of educators, information specialists, program designers, and researchers discusses issues, trends, and problems in online technology and its potential to re-energize the educational system. The Web?s promise to provide unique opportunities for improved instruction is a given; how that promise can be fulfilled is the debate that fuels The Web in Higher Education.

    The Web in Higher Education offers detailed proposals for:

    • designing Web-based programs
    • designing online courses
    • implementing Web-based course-management systems
    • developing a community prototype for educators
    • using the Web to enhance televised education

      A thoughtful look at the role of online technology in education, this insightful book is essential for educators and administrators. The Web in Higher Education serves as a reference point for the merger of teaching and technology that will likely define the educational process in the 21st century.

    The Web in Education: Asset or Liability?, Supporting Critical Thinking in Interactive Learning Environments, Considerations for Designing Web-Based Programs, Designing Online Education Courses, Using the Internet to Deliver Higher Education: A Cautionary Tale About Achieving Good Practice, Internet and World Wide Usage in an Institution of Higher Learning, The Internet Learning Forum: Development a Community Prototype for Teachers of the 21st Century, Implementation and Adaptation Experiences with a WWW-Based Course Management System, Structuring Communications to Facilitate Effective Teaching and Learning Online, Information Equals Knowledge, Searching Equals Learning, and Hyperlinking Is Good Instruction: Myths About Learning from the World Wide Web, Developing a Web-Enhanced Televised Distance Education Course: Practices, Problems, and Potential, Using Web-Based Cases to Enhance, Extend, and Transform Pre-Service Teacher Training: Two Years in Review, Using Cognitive Flexibility Hypertext to Develop Sexual Harassment Cases, A Case Study in Online Classroom Interaction to Enhance Graduate Instruction in English Literature, Description of a Web-Driven, Problem-Based Learning Environment and Study of the Efficacy of Implementation in Educational Leader Preparation, Index, Reference Notes Included


    D. LaMont Johnson and Cleborne D. Maddux