1st Edition

The West Bank Palestinian Family

By Ibrahim Wade Ata Copyright 1986

    First published in 1986 The West Bank Palestinian Family presents the reader with the first comprehensive study of the evolution of the Palestinian family in the West Bank. The main focus of the work was to identify what changes, if any, the Palestinian family has undergone over the last three generations of its evolution, an evolution partly spent under Israeli occupation of the West Bank since 1967. The samples used in the research for the book were taken from towns, villages, and refugee camps and were subsequently divided into sub-samples of three uniform age groups. The results of the research give a unique and informative view of who is changing, what is changing and at what rate and in what direction. It also shows the differences and uniformities in the attitudes and lifestyles of three generations of the Palestinian families studied. An important historical document, this book is a must read for scholars of Middle east studies and Middle east politics.

    Acknowledgements List of Tables 1. Introduction 2. Political and Socio-economic Environment 3. Administration of the Survey 4. Demographic Characteristics 5. Honour, Pre-marital Encounters and Blood Relationships 6. Decision Making and Family Authority Structure 7. Marital Adjustments, Dynamics, and Interrelationships 8. Chapter summary and Conclusions Appendix Bibliography Index


    Ibrahim Wade Ata