1st Edition

The Wiltshire Woollen Industry in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

By G.D. Ramsay Copyright 1965

    First published in 1965. This study was initially carried out in the years 1934 to 1937, with completion during 1939 at the outbreak of war which deferred publication. This second edition includes an extra appendix on the report of 'Clothing Committee of the Privy Council' dated 22 June 1622 and more background on the seventeenth and sixteenth centuries.

    Chapter 1 Introductory; Chapter 2 The Structure of the Wiltshire Woollen Industry During the Sixteenth Century; Chapter 3 The Great Clothiers of the Sixteenth Century; Chapter 4 Custom and Coercion in the Wiltshire Woollen Industry Before the Cockayne Experiment; Chapter 5 Trade Fluctuations; Chapter 6 Government and Industry During the Personal Rule of Charles I; Chapter 7 The Development of New Products and Markets During the Seventeenth Century; Chapter 8 Changes in the Organization of the Wiltshire Woollen Industry During the Seventeenth Century;


    G.D. Ramsay, Fellow and Tutor of St Edmund's Hall, Oxford.