1st Edition

The Wisdom of Dreams Science, Synchronicity and the Language of the Soul

By Greg Mahr, Christopher Drake Copyright 2023
    208 Pages 17 Color & 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    208 Pages 17 Color & 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    208 Pages 17 Color & 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This fascinating and accessible book offers a comprehensive overview of dream interpretation theory and modern dream science, presenting an argument for dreamwork as a means to better understand emotional challenges and achieve personal growth.

    Bridging the gap between cognitive-behavioral therapies, psychoanalysis and depth psychology, the book explores topics like lucid dreams, end-of-life dreams, cross-cultural dream analysis and Freudian and Jungian models of dream interpretation. The authors offer a new model for better understanding dreams based on symbol formation, narrative structure and current neurophysiology, with the aim of reinvigorating the way we value dreams and their importance to individuals and society.

    The Wisdom of Dreams can be of great interest to analysts and therapists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, sleep researchers, social workers and counselors, as well as anyone interested in working with their dreams for greater personal clarity and self-understanding.

    Introduction  Part I: The Dream Journey  1. The Daimon Within  2. Synchronicity  3. Gender Issues in Dreamwork  4. Befriending Your Dreams  Part II: Dreams that Change Lives  5. Dreams and Creativity  6. Lucid Dreaming  7. Dreams and Psychedelic Drugs  8. End of Life Dreams and Visions  9. Prophetic Dreams  10. Nightmares  Part III Reintegrating the Dream Narrative  11. A False Translation  12. The Black Madonna  13. Stickholm is Burning  14. Sparks of the Divine  15. Istikhara  16. The Gods Within  17. The Way of No Words  18. Dreaming Awake  Part IV: Why We Dream  19. Asleep in a Cage  20. The Language of the Mind  21. A Narrative Model of Dreams  22. Affects, Archetypes and Cigarettes  Part V: Listening with the Third Ear  23. Finding Irma: Freudian Dream Theory  24. Irma Reimagined: Jungian Dream Theory  25. Dream Symbols  26. Active Imagination  27. Using Dreams in Therapy  Conclusion


    Greg Mahr is an experienced clinician and teacher. In addition to multiple scientific papers, he has published poetry and flash fiction in a variety of literary and medical journals.

    Christopher L. Drake is a clinical psychologist and sleep researcher. He authored over 200 scientific publications and is a section editor for The Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine. He received research grants from the National Institutes of Health and is a former Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation. His scientific interests include insomnia, shift work and lucid dreaming.

    "In The Wisdom of Dreams, Drs. Greg Mahr and Christopher Drake take a giant step toward integrating the neuroscience of REM sleep and the psychology of dreaming into a comprehensive and pragmatic clinical handbook. I believe this exceptionally informative and engaging work is a must read not only for psychotherapists, but for all health professionals."

    Rubin Naiman, PhD, Sleep and Dream Specialist, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, The University of Arizona Health Sciences

    "In this outstanding synthesis of dream science and depth psychology the author’s expertise and love of the topic shine throughout. The book reminds the reader of the importance of dreams in human history and in everyday life and is an excellent introduction to dreamwork for therapists and the general public. It is a pleasure to read and revisit."

    Bud Harris PhD, Jungian analyst, author of Sacred Selfishness, Into the Heart of the Feminine, and many other books on Jungian depth psychology