1st Edition

The Works of Aphra Behn: v. 1: Poetry

By Janet Todd Copyright 1995

    Aphra Behn (1640-1689) was one of the most successful dramatists of the Restoration theatre and a popular poet. This is the first volume in a set of seven which comprises a complete edition of all her works. This volume is a collection of her poetry.

    Volume 1   Poetry     Volume 2   Love Letters Between a Nobleman and his Sister (1684)     Volume 3   The Fair Jilt and Other Stories, A collection of Behn's short  fiction increasingly of interest to scholars for its raising of the  issues of gender, race and class.  Stories included in this volume: The Adventure of the Black Lady, Agnes de Castro, The Dumb Virgin, The Fair Jilt, The History of the Nun, Love Letters, The Lucky Mistake, Memoirs of the Court of the King of Bantam, The Nun, Oroonoko, The Unfortunate Bride, The Unfortunate Happy Lady, The Wandering Beauty, and The Unhappy Mistake.     Volume 4   Seneca Unmask'd, A Discovery of New Worlds, The History of Oracles, La Montre, Lycidus     Volume 5  The Plays of Aphra Behn, 1671-7 Aphra Behn's plays are bawdy and  propagandist. Populated by rogues, rakes and galavanting women (often  parading in men's clothes) they challenge the sexual and political mores  of the day. It is therefore remarkable not only that they were written  by a woman, but that they were also published and staged in her time.   The Forc'd Marriage (1671); The Amorous Prince (1671); The Dutch Lover (1673); Abdelazer (1677) The Town-Fopp (1677); The Debauchee (1677); The Rover (1677)     Volume 6   The Plays of Aphra Behn (1677-82): Sir Patient Fancy (1678); The Feign'd Curtizans (1979); The Revenge (attrib. 1680); The Second Part of the Rover (1681); The False Count (1682); The Roundheads (1682)     Volume 7   The Plays of Aphra Behn (1682-96): The City-Heiress (1682); The Young King (1683); The Emperor of the Moon (1687); The Luckey Chance (1687); The Widdow Ranter (1690); The Younger Brother (1696)


    Janet Todd