1st Edition

The Works of Charles Darwin: Vol 24: Insectivorous Plants

By Paul H Barrett Copyright 1992

    The 24th volume in a 29-volume set which contain all Charles Darwin's published works. Darwin was one of the most influential figures of the 19th century. His work remains a central subject of study in the history of ideas, the history of science, zoology, botany, geology and evolution.

    CHAPTER I: Drosera rotundifolia, or the common sun-dew, CHAPTER II: The movements of the tentacles from the contact of solid bodies, CHAPTER III: Aggregation of the protoplasm within the cells of the tentacles, CHAPTER IV: The effects of heat on the leaves, CHAPTER V: The effects of non-nitrogenous and nitrogenous organic fluids on the leaves, CHAPTER VI: The digestive power of the secretion of drosera, CHAPTER VII: The effects of salts of ammonia, CHAPTER VIII: The effects of various other salts, and acids, on the leaves, CHAPTER IX: The effects of certain alkaloid poisons, other substances and vapours, CHAPTER X: On the sensitiveness of the leaves, and on the lines of transmission of the motor impulse, CHAPTER XI: Recapitulation of the chief observations on Drosera rotundifolia, CHAPTER XII: On the structure and movements of some other species of drosera, CHAPTER XIII: Dionaea muscipula, CHAPTER XIV: Aldrovanda vesiculosa, CHAPTER XV: Drosophyllum — Roridula — Byblis — Glandular hairs of other plants — Concluding remarks on the Drpseraceae, CHAPTER XVI: Pinguicula, CHAPTER XVII: Utricularia, CHAPTER XVIII: Utricularia — continued, Index


    Paul H. Barrett