1st Edition

The Works of Charles Darwin: Vol 25: The Effects of Cross and Self Fertilisation in the Vegetable Kingdom (1878)

By Paul H Barrett Copyright 1992

    The 25th volume in a 29-volume set which contain all Charles Darwin's published works. Darwin was one of the most influential figures of the 19th century. His work remains a central subject of study in the history of ideas, the history of science, zoology, botany, geology and evolution.

    CHAPTER I: Introductory remarks, CHAPTER II: Convolvulaceae, CHAPTER III: Scrophulariaceae, Gesneriaceae, Labiatae, etc., CHAPTER IV: Cruciferae, Papaveraceae, Resedaceae, etc., CHAPTER V: Geraniaceae, Leguminosae, Onagraceae, etc., CHAPTER VI: Solarwceae, Primulaceae, Polygoneae, etc., CHAPTER VII: Summary of the heights and weights of the crossed and self-fertilized plants, CHAPTER VIII: Difference between crossed and self-fertilized plants in constitutional vigour and in other respects, CHAPTER IX: The effects of cross fertilization and self-fertilization on the production of seeds, CHAPTER X: Means of fertilization, CHAPTER XI: The habits of insects in relation to the fertilization of flowers, CHAPTER XII: General results, Index


    Paul H. Barrett