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    by Routledge

    This 14-volume edition contains the key works and commentary by leading Fisher scholars, allowing modern readers access to the major issues in Fisherian economic thought.

    Volume 1. The Early Professional Works General Acknowledgements Acknowledgements General Introduction to this Edition; Fisher: Career Highlights and Formative Influences, 1867-1947; An Address on the Irving Fisher Foundation, 11 September 1946; Mathematical Investigations in the Theory of Value and Prices (1892), 1925; Fisher’s Unpublished Annotations, 1946; “The Mechanics of Bimetallism”, 1894; Appreciation and Interest, 1896; “What is Capital?”, December 1896; “Senses of‘ Capital’”, June 1897; “The Role of Capital in Economic Theory”, December 1897; “Precedents for Defining Capital”, May 1904; The index to Volume 1 appears in the Consolidated Index to Volumes 1-14


    William J. Barber, James Tobin, Robert W. Dimand, Kevin Foster