1st Edition

The Works of Mary Robinson, Part II vol 7

    Regularly the subject of cartoonists and satirical novelists, Mary Robinson achieved public notoriety as the mistress of the young Prince of Wales (George IV). Her association with figures such as William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft, and comparisons with Charlotte Smith, make her a serious figure for scholarly research.

    Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- References and Further Reading -- Th e Natural Daughter. With Portraits of the Leadenhead Family. -- A Novel -- Volume I -- Volume II -- ‘Memoirs’ -- ‘Memoirs of Mary Robinson’ -- ‘Continuation by a Friend’ -- Letters -- Appendix A: ‘Sketch of Mrs Robinson’s life by herself ’ -- Appendix B: Envelopes used for ‘Memoirs’ Manuscript -- Editorial Notes -- Textual Notes.