1st Edition

The World of the Russian Peasant Post-Emancipation Culture and Society

Edited By Ben Eklof, Stephen P. Frank Copyright 1990

    First published in 1990 The World of the Russian Peasant is designed to provide a wide-ranging survey of new developments in Russian peasant studies. Editors Eklof and Frank paint a broad picture of what life was like for the vast majority of Russia’s population before 1917. Individual authors treat the intricacies of the village community and peasant commune, social structure, the everyday life and labour of peasant women, the impact of migration, the spread of education, and peasant art, religion, justice, and politics. The result is a portrait of a people greatly influenced by rapid and radical changes in the world yet seeking to maintain control over their lives and their communities.

    This is a must read for students of Russian history, Russian peasantry and rural sociology.

    Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The Russian Peasant Commune after the Reforms of the 1860s Boris Mironov 2. Peasant Women and Their Work Rose Glickman 3. The Woman’s Side: Male Outmigration and the Family Economy in Kostroma Province Barbara Engel 4. Peasant and Proletariat: Migration, Family Patterns, and Regional Loyalties Roberts E. Johnson 5. Peasants in Uniform: The Tsarist Army as a Peasant Society John Bushnell 6. Peasants and Schools Ben Eklof 7. Popular Justice, Community and Culture among the Russian Peasantry, 1870-1900 Stephen P. Frank 8. Popular Religion in Twentieth Century Russia Moshe Lewin 9. Images and Ideas in Russian Peasantry Art Anthony Netting 10. The Russian Peasant Movement of 1905-7: Its Social Composition and Revolutionary Significance Maureen Perrie Bibliography About the Contributors Index


    Ben Eklof and Stephen P. Frank