1st Edition

The World's Congress of Religions The Addresses and Papers delivered before the Parliament, and the Abstract of the Congresses, held in Chicago, August 1893 to October 1893, under the Auspices of The World's Columbian Exposition, Edited by J. W. Hanson

Edited By J.W. Hanson
    1200 Pages
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    These are the original records of the First Congress of Religions, an epoch-making event in the history of religions. Organized by the Parliament of Religions to coincide with the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, it provided the very first encounter of Asian religions with the West. Reprinted here is the full record of the Congress published by the Official Publishers of the World’s Columbian Exposition Catalogue in 1893. It includes nearly 150 black-and-white pictures.

    A New Testament Woman. A Religion of Facts Christianity. America’s Duty to China. Argument for God.  Argument for Immortality.  Being of God.  Belief and Ceremonies of Zoroaster. Bible; What it has taught.  Buddhism. Buddhism and Christianity. Buddhism, As it Exists in Siam.Buddhism, Man’s Relation to God.Buddhism, What it has done in Japan. Catholic Church and Scriptures. Catholic Church, Relation to Poor. Certainties of Religion. Character and Degree of the Inspiration of Scriptures. Christ the Unifier of Mankind. Christianity and Evolution. Christianity and Negro.Christianity and the Social Question.  Christianity as a Social Force.  Christianity as Interpreted by Literature. Church and Labor. Comparative Study of the World’s Religions. Concessions to Native Religions, ldea, Having Special Reference to Hinduism. Confucianism.  Cooperation of Women and Men. Crime and the Remedy.  Elements of Universal Religion. End of Parliament. Errors About Jews.Essentials of Religion. Evangelism in America. Extracts from Koran. Faiths, Harmonies and Distinctions in the Theistic Teachings of the Various Historic. Genesis and Development of Confucianism. Greek Philosophy and the Christian Religion. Grounds of Sympathy and Fraternity. Hinduism. Hinduism as a Religion. Importance of the Study of Comparative Religions. Incarnation Idea in History and in Jesus Christ.  Incarnation of God in Christ.  Influence of Ancient Egyptian Religions, on Other Religions. Influence of Religion on Women.Influence of the Hebrew Scriptures. International Arbitration. International Justice and Amity.  Japan, Christianity, its Present Condition and Prospects. Law of Cause and Effect Taught by Buddha. Letter From Somerset, Lady Henry. Man From a Christian Point of View. Man’s Plaee in Nature.  Marriage Bond, The Catholic Church and Mohammedanism and Christianity, Points of Contact. Moral Evidence of Existence God. Music, Emotion and Morals. Need of a Wider Conception of Revelation. Needs of Humanity Supplied by Catholic Church. North American, Religion of Indians. Only Possible Method of Religious Unification.Opening of Parliament. Orthodox Greek Church. Plea for Toleration. Practical Service of the Science of Religions to the Cause of Religious Unity. Prize Essay Confucianism.Rational Demonstration of the Being of God. Reconciliation, Vital Not Vicarious.  Relation Between Anglican Church and Church of First Agos.Relation Between Religion and Conduct.Religio Scientiae. Religion and Criminal and Erring Claeses.Religion and the Love of Mankind.  Religion and Wealth. Religion Essentially Characteristic of Humanity.  Religion of Pekin. Religion of the World. Religions, What the Dead Have Bequeathed to the Living.Religious as Distinguished From Moral Life.  Religious Duty to Negro. Religious Mission of the English Speaking Nations.  Religious State of Germany. Rest Day, The Divine Element in Weekly. Sacred Books of the World as Literature.  Saviour of the World Christ. Science of Religion, Aid to, From Philosophy. Scriptures, Truthfulness of Scriptures. Scriptures, What they have Taught Scriptures. Shintoism. Soul and its Future Life.  Spirit and Mission of the Apostolic Church of Armenia.Spiritual Forces in Human Progress. Study of Comparative Theology. Supreme End and Office of Religion. Swedenborg and the Harmony of Religions. The Catholic Church and Negro Race. The Civic Church. The Contact of Christian and Hindu Thought. The Essential Oneness of Ethical Ideas, Among all Men. The Ethics and History of Jaina. The Influence of Social Condition. The Message of Christianity to Other Religions. The Present Outlook of Religions. The Principles of Brahmo-Somaj. The Relation of Historic and its Future Judaism.  The Religious Intent. The Religious Training of Children. The Reunion of Christendom. The Social Office of Religious Feeling. The Spiritual Ideas of Buddha Brahmo-Somaj. The Sympathy of Religions. The Ultimate Religion. The Voice of the Mother of Religions on Social Question. The Work of Social reform in India.  The World’s Debt to Buddha. Theology of Judaism. The Outlook for Judaism.What Christianity has Wrought for America.Woman and the Pulpit.  Women of India.  What Judaism has done for Woman. World’s Debt to America.


    J.W. Hanson