1st Edition

The Worst of Times An Oral History of the Great Depression

By Nigel Gray Copyright 1985

    First Published in 2017. This book was created as a result of the anger the author when he first encountered the arguments of a school of economic historians who claim that there was no Great Depression in Britain between the wars. Broadly, they suggest that while some traditional industries were badly affected, new ones like man-made fibres and electricity supply rose to prosperity. The gross national product increased over the period, and many people became steadily more affluent. Radio sets, seaside holidays, even family cars, became commonplace.

    Introduction, Manchester, Caerphilly, London, Ashton under Lyne, South Shields, Bonnybridge and Salford, Barnsley, Leicestershire, Rochdale, Aberdeen, Forest of Dean, Lancaster, Voices: Family life; Looking for work and signing on; The Means Test; Charity; Medical care; Above stairs; In the country; Protest.


    Nigel Gray