2nd Edition

The Writings of Medieval Women An Anthology

By Marcelle Thiebaux Copyright 1994
    564 Pages
    by Routledge

    552 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published in 1994: The period surveyed in this anthology extends from the eve of Christianity's triumph, in the third century, to the new age of expansion in the fifteenth century, an age marked by the advent of printing pressed, the European discovery of the Caribbean islands, which Columbus called the Indies, the relentless stripping of medieval altars by Church reformists, and perhaps a diminution of female autonomy.

    1. Prisoner, Dreamer, Martyr  2. A Pilgrim to the Holy Land  3. Calumniated Empress and Poet  4. An Ill-Fated Gothic Queen  5. Three Consecrated Women of Merovingian Gaul  6. "Words Flowing Like Gold Fringes"  7. Barbarian Women, Holy Women  8. Mother to a Young Warrior  9. Hagiographer, Playwright, Epic Historian  10. A Byzantine Historian of the First Crusade  11. The Trobairitz in Love and Strife  12. "Marie Is My Name: I Am of France"  13. Good Queen Maud  14. A Benedictine Visionary in the Rhineland  15. Handmaid of God  16. Brides of the Celestial Bedchamber  17. A Woman of Letters at the French Court  18. An Anchoress of England  19. Four English Women of the Fifteenth Century


    Marcelle Thiebaux