The Yemen Arab Republic : The Politics of Development, 1962-1986 book cover
1st Edition

The Yemen Arab Republic
The Politics of Development, 1962-1986

ISBN 9781138184336
Published September 13, 2017 by Routledge
191 Pages

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Book Description

Examining political and socioeconomic change in the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR), this book, first published in 1987, focuses primarily on the quarter century following the overthrow of the imamate in 1962. The problems and politics of the period’s republican leaders and their regimes are analysed against the backdrop of Yemen’s traditional Islamic theocracy, the Zaydi imamate, which ruled for over a millennium. A country very similar to Afghanistan in its mountainous terrain, tribal social organization, and traditional Islamic culture, the YAR was almost completely isolated and insulated from the modern world and modern politics until the ousting of the imamate. This book explores in detail the processes of change, the political leaders involved, and the impact of domestic and external forces. Dr Burrowes draws on his extensive conversations with YAR leaders to provide a unique view of a country trying to cope with change and modernization.

Table of Contents

1. Yemen and the Yemenis: An Introduction  1.1. Terrain and Climate  1.2. Settlements and Communications  1.3. People and Society  1.4. History and the Yemeni Nation  2. From Imamate to Republic: 1904-67  2.1. The Time of Imams Yahya and Ahmad  2.2. The 1962 Revolution, the YAR, and the al-Sallal Era  3. National Reconciliation and the al-Iryani Era: 1967-71  3.1. Conservative Republicanism and Its Constraints  3.2. Security Needs and Economic Constraints  3.3. Economic and Financial Institution Building  4. Contradictions in the al-Iryani Regime: 1971-74  4.1. Improved Prospects  4.2. Manifest Political Constraints  4.3. The Coalition Strained  5. Political Adjustment and Socioeconomic Development Under al-Hamdi: 1974-76  5.1. Political Adjustment Under al-Hamdi  5.2. State Building and Modernization Under al-Hamdi  5.3. The al-Hamdi Regime and Political Construction  6. Domestic Stalemate and Fast-evolving External Politics: 1975-77  6.1. The Domestic Stalemate  6.2. Foreign Policy and External Relations  7. The al-Ghashmi Interlude: 1977-78  7.1. The Death and Legacy of al-Hamdi  7.2. The Accession and Rule of al-Ghashmi  7.3. Al-Ghashmi’s Demise  8. The Salih Regime: Bleak Prospects and Faint Hopes: 1978-81  8.1. The Salih Regime Hits Bottom: Spring 1979  8.2. Attempts to Stem and Turn the Political Tide: 1979-81  9. Political Pieces Put into Place: 1982-84  9.1. The NDF and the PDRY  9.2. Completion and Promotion of the Second Five-Year Plan  9.3. The National Dialogue and the General People’s Congress  9.4. Economic Troubles and Political Order: 1983-84  10. Yemen and Petroleum: the Mid-1980s and Beyond  10.1. The Search for Oil in Yemen  10.2. Yemeni Oil: Current Effects and Implications for the Future

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