1st Edition

Theatre & Change in South Africa

By Geoffrey Davis, Anne Fuchs Copyright 1998

    First Published in 1997. Can South African theatre continue to maintain its autonomy and exercise its critical role? Can one rethink form and find new content? Can a concept of post-protest theatre be developed? How might theatre contribute to post-apartheid soceity?  These are just of the questions addressed in this book. The real and present difficulties South Africian theatre is facing, as well as possible future orientations, are clearly shown, at one of the most complex moments of political transition in the history of the South African society.  The authors include contributions from playwrights, actors, visual artists, poets, directors, administrators, critics and theatre academics. Their comments and thoughts portray the active process of reflection and reappraisal, redefining their artistic and political aims, searching for new and vital theatrical forms.

    Introduction to the Series -- List of Plates -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction/Geoffrey V. Davis and Anne Fuchs -- “A Truly Living Moment”: Acting and the Statements Plays/Brian Crow -- “The Many Individual Wills.” From Crossroads to Survival. The Work of Experimental Theatre Workshop ‘71/Robert McLaren -- Whose Popular Theatre and Performance?/Martin Orkin -- The Performance Aesthetics of Township Theatre: Frames and Codes/Christopher Balme -- Theatre for Export: The Commercialization of the Black People’s Struggle in South African Export Musicals/Jerry Mofokeng -- Theatre in Exile/Anthony Akerman -- My Life in the Theatre of War: The Development of an Alternative Consciousness/Matthew Krouse -- What is a Tribal Dress? The “Imbongi” (Praise-Singer) and the “People’s Poet.” Reactivation of a Tradition in the Liberation Struggle/Peter Horn -- The Workers’ Theatre in Natal/Ari Sitas -- “An Interest in the Making of Things.” An Interview with William Kentridge/Geoff V. Davis and Anne Fuchs -- Tooth and Nail. Rethinking Form for the South African Theatre Malcolm Purkey Physical Images in the South African Theatre/Mark Fleishnian -- “I Will Remain an African.” An Interview with Maishe Maponya/Geoff V. Davis and Anne Fuchs -- Politics and the Theatre: Current Trends in South Africa/Zakes Mda -- Theatre: The Political Weapon in South Africa/Doreen Mazihuko -- “This Compost Heap of a Country.” An interview with Barne Simc/Geoff V. Davis and Anne Fuchs -- So What’s New? The Story behind the Play/Fatima Dike -- PACT: Can the Leopard Change its Spots?/Carol Steinberg -- The Future of the Performing Arts Councils in a New South Africa/Arnold Blumer -- “It’s Time to Have a South African Culture.” An interview with Ramolao Makhene/Geoff V. Davis and Anne Fuchs -- Appendices -- I Publications Appeal Board Decision on Public Entertainment: -- Famous Dead Man -- II Weekly Mail reports on Famous Dead Man and Sunrise City -- Notes on Contributors -- Index of Proper Names -- Index of Titles -- Subject index.


    Geoffrey V. Davis is a lecturer in Engliosh at the Institut fur Anglistik at the Rheinisch-Westfalische technische Hochschule, Aachen, Germany.  Anne Fuchs teaches Tehatre Studies at the University of Nice but also worked as a translator.