1st Edition

Theodosius and the Limits of Empire

By Mark Hebblewhite Copyright 2020
    198 Pages
    by Routledge

    198 Pages
    by Routledge

    The emperor Theodosius I (AD 379–395) was one of the most remarkable figures of the late antique period. In the face of religious schism, political turmoil, and barbarian threats he managed to maintain imperial power and forge a political dynasty that would dominate both east and west for over half a century. This study, the first English language biography in over twenty years, traces his rise to power and tumultuous reign, and examines his indelible impact on a rapidly changing empire.


    Part 1. A New Power in the East

    Chapter 1. An Inevitable Rise to Power?

    Chapter 2. Meeting the Crisis

    Chapter 3. Building a Regime

    Chapter 4. ‘Heresy’, Politics and Power

    Part 2. A Dynasty Founded; A Dynasty Challenged

    Chapter 5. A New Dynasty Rises

    Chapter 6. An Inevitable Clash

    Part 3. The Final Years: Conflict and Chaos

    Chapter 7. The Emperor and the Bishop

    Chapter 8. Malleus Paganorum?

    Chapter 9. The Final Campaign


    Appendix 1. Theodosius: the army, discipline and loyalty

    Appendix 2. Constantinople: The Jewel in the Crown


    Mark Hebblewhite completed his PhD at Macquarie University, Australia in 2012 and has taught widely in the field of Ancient History. His research interests centre on the ideology and politics of the later Roman Empire, with particular reference to the role of the army. He currently works at the Australian Catholic University.