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Theology and Religion in Interdisciplinary Perspective Series: Theology and Religion in Interdisciplinary Perspective Series

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Creativity through shared perspectives lies at the heart of Ashgate's series Theology and Religion in Interdisciplinary Perspective. Central religious and theological topics can be raised to a higher order of expression and clarity when approached through interdisciplinary perspectives; this series aims to provide a pool of potential theories and worked out examples as a resource for ongoing debate, fostering intellectual curiosity rather than guarding traditional academic boundaries and extending, rather than acting as a simple guide to, an already well-defined field. Major theological issues of contemporary society and thought, as well as some long established ideas, are explored in terms of current research across appropriate disciplines and with an international compass. The books in the series will prove of particular value to students, academics, and others who see the benefit to be derived from bringing together ideas and information that often exist in relative isolation.

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Christian Language and its Mutations Essays in Sociological Understanding

Christian Language and its Mutations: Essays in Sociological Understanding

1st Edition

By David Martin
November 14, 2002

Christian Language and its Mutations explores how Christian language alters in various social, cultural, historical and religious contexts. Having delineated the core language of Christianity, David Martin analyses how it mutates in different historical and social contexts, notably: peace and war;...

Christ and Human Rights The Transformative Engagement

Christ and Human Rights: The Transformative Engagement

1st Edition

By George Newlands
October 24, 2006

Human rights is one of the most important geopolitical issues in the modern world. Jesus Christ is the centre of Christianity. Yet there exists almost no analysis of the significance of Christology for human rights. This book focuses on the connections. Examination of rights reveals tensions, ...

Possession, Power and the New Age Ambiguities of Authority in Neoliberal Societies

Possession, Power and the New Age: Ambiguities of Authority in Neoliberal Societies

1st Edition

By Matthew Wood
June 28, 2007

This book provides a new sociological account of contemporary religious phenomena such as channelling, holistic healing, meditation and divination, which are usually classed as part of a New Age Movement. Drawing on his extensive ethnography carried out in the UK, alongside comparative studies in ...

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