1st Edition

Theology at War and Peace English theology and Germany in the First World War

By Mark D. Chapman Copyright 2017
    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    182 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is the first detailed discussion of the impact of the First World War on English theology. Assessing the close relationships between English and German theologians before the First World War, Chapman then explores developments throughout the war. A series of case studies make use of a large amount of unpublished material, showing how some theologians sought to maintain relationships with their German colleagues, while others, especially from a more Anglo-Catholic perspective, used the war as an opportunity to distance themselves from the liberal theology which was beginning to dominate the universities before the war. The increasing animosity between Britain and Germany meant that relations were never healed. English theology became increasingly insular, dividing between a more home-grown variety of liberalism and an ascendant Anglo-Catholicism. Consequently, this book offers useful insights into the development of theology in the twentieth century and will be of keen interest to scholars and students of the history of theology.


    Chapter One: Theological Responses in England to the South African War, 1899-1902

    Chapter Two: Theology, Nationalism and the First World War: Christian Ethics and the Constraints of Politics

    Chapter Three: Missionaries, Modernism, and German Theology: Anglican Reactions to the Outbreak of War in 1914

    Chapter Four: The Church of England, Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church in the First World War

    Chapter Five: Anglo-German Theological Relations in the First World War

    Chapter Six: The Sanday, Sherrington and Troeltsch Affair: Theological relations between England and Germany after the First World War

    Chapter Seven: The ‘sad story’ of Ernst Troeltsch’s Proposed British Lectures of 1923


    Mark D. Chapman is Professor of the History of Modern Theology at the University of Oxford and Vice-Principal of Ripon College, Cuddesdon. He has written widely on the history of theology and the church. His most recent publications include Anglican Theology (2012), The Fantasy of Reunion: Anglicanism, Catholicism, and Ecumenism, 18331882 (2014), and Theology and Society in Three Cities: Berlin, Oxford and Chicago, 18001914 (2014).

    "Mark Chapman's Theology at War and Peace joins a swelling number of monographs exploring the relationship between English religion and World War I. However, unlike most, which tend to have a lived religion focus, Chapman delves into the theological scene itself. ... Chapman illuminates the way international politics impacted Anglican theology." -- Bethany Kilcrease, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids