1st Edition

Theology of Work New Perspectives

Edited By Gregorio Guitián Copyright 2025
    360 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Theology of Work: New Perspectives emerges from the necessity to continue theological reflection on work in light of the challenges posed by our contemporary world. The contributions offer a global perspective of the meaning of work, drawing from Trinitarian theology, theology of creation, eschatology, theological anthropology, and Christology. They shed light from the perspective of faith on the integration of different work dimensions, and consider how the theology of work is called to challenge social structures in the light of revelation. The volume mostly develops the theology of work from a Catholic perspective, but Protestant and Orthodox approaches are also explicitly explored. The chapters cover different theological areas such as biblical, dogmatic, patristic, and moral theology to provide enriching and complementary perspectives. Offering fresh and valuable theological insights on work, this book will be of particular interest to scholars of theology and religious studies.




    1. Introduction. Theology of work: Context, integration, challenge

    Gregorio Guitián

    Part I. Context

    2. Does God work? Shall we work in heaven? In search of a theological foundation of work.

    Santiago Sanz Sánchez

    3. Labouring for rest. The rudiments of an Orthodox theology of work.

    Alexis Torrance

    4. Human‒divine synergy. Human work and the transformation of the cosmos in Russian thinkers of the early 20th century.

    Andrzej Persidok

    5. Creative art and theology of work. Contributions from St. Bonaventure.

    Isabel M. León–Sanz

    6. Daily life and work in light of the mystery of Christ.

    Antonio Aranda

    7. Work, οίκοδομή and πνεῦμα. A vision from the Pauline categories.

    Juan Luis Caballero

    Part II. Integration

    8. The value of work in the Book of Ecclesiastes (Qohelet). Is an optimistic view possible given the onerous experience of many jobs?

    Diego Pérez Gondar

    9. Rethinking work from the Book of Leviticus.

    Francisco Varo

    10. From ‘homo faber’ to ‘homo liturgicus’. Towards a theology of work in liturgical perspective.

    Félix María Arocena

    11. The personal good of work: a comprehensive reading of the subjective dimension of work.

    Hélio Luciano

    12. Contemplation at work: Social contemplation and mysticism for an integral ecology of work.

    Martin Schlag

    Part III. Challenge

    13. Work in Protestant perspective: A not so unintended reformation.

    D. Stephen Long

    14. Labour of love. The value of work in the household.

    Mary L. Hirschfeld

    15. Embracing better work. A response to Jeremy Posadas.

    David Cloutier

    16. Work, hope and secularity.

    Ana Marta González



    Gregorio Guitián is Associate Professor of Moral Theology and Dean of the School of Theology at the University of Navarra, Spain.

    “The world desperately needs greater wisdom on the nature and purpose of work. Guitián contributes to this need giving us the collective insights of an impressive group of theologians drawing upon a 2000-year-old wisdom tradition. All scholars and practitioners would greatly benefit from its insights”. 

    Michael J. Naughton, University of St. Thomas, USA


    “The fruit of an impressive multi-year scholarly collaboration at the University of Navarra, this volume makes a distinctive and valuable contribution to contemporary Catholic discussions on work. Offering “new perspectives” that foreground the theological, scholars draw fresh, tradition-anchored insights from scripture, patristics, liturgy, dogma, ethics, and more. Ecumenical and international voices further enrich this noteworthy book.” 

    - Christine Firer Hinze, Fordham University, USA