1st Edition

Theories and Practices of Scientific Socialism

By Zhao Jiaxiang Copyright 2020
    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    178 Pages
    by Routledge

    In the four volumes of The Development Trajectory of Eastern Society and the Theories and Practices of Socialism, the author re-examines Marx and Engel’s theories on the development trajectory of the Eastern societies by integrating theoretical analysis of Marxist theories and a historical investigation of socialist revolution and construction around the world.

    This volume discusses the victories and failures of the 100-year trajectory of socialism. Since the Russian Revolution of October 1917, socialism has been practiced for nearly a hundred years in countries at various stages of development. The author provides a proper synthesis of the lessons derived from socialism’s first hundred years as well as China's reforms and interaction with the world. In addition, he analyzes Marx and Engels' socialist theories and their significance for contemporary social development in Eastern societies.

    Readers who study Marxism, Marxist philosophy, philosophical history and the history of philosophy will find this volume of immense interest.

    1.Nomenclature for the future society; 2. An overview of the role of capital; 3. Reflecting on the destiny of socialism; 4. Marx and Engels’ visions on the basic characteristics of the future society; 5. The controversy about "whether one country can accomplish socialism"; 6. Deng Xiaoping’s theory of the primary stage of socialism; 7. Deng Xiaoping’s contributions to the theory of the essence of socialism; 8. Deng Xiaoping’s contribution to the historical era heory


    Jiaxiang Zhao is Professor of Philosophy at Peking University, and has served as vice dean and director of the academic committee of the Department of Philosophy, as well as vice president and consultant of the Chinese Historical Materialism Association. His main research interests include Marxist philosophy and Marxist classic works.