1st Edition

Theory Of Quantum Liquids

By Philippe Nozieres, David Pines Copyright 2000
    576 Pages
    by CRC Press

    574 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume is devoted to the theory of superfluid quantum liquids, describing the Landau theory of a neutral Fermi liquid in order to illustrate, in comparatively elementary fashion, the way both quantum statistics and particle interaction determine system behavior.

    Special Preface -- Preface -- Special Preface -- Preface -- Introduction -- Neutral Fermi Liquids -- Response and Correlation in Neutral Systems -- Charged Fermi Liquids -- Response and Correlation in Homogeneous Electron Systems -- Microscopic Theories of the Electron Liquid -- Introduction -- Experimental And Theoretical Background On He II -- Elementary Excitations -- Elementary Excitations in He II -- Superfluid Behavior: Response To A Transverse Probe. Qualitative Behavior Of A Superfluid -- Superfluid Flow: Macroscopic Limit -- Basis for the Two-Fluid Model -- First, Second, And Quasi-Particle Sound -- Vortex Lines -- Microscopic Theory: Uniform Condensate -- Microscopic Theory: Non-Uniform Condensate -- Conclusion -- * Second Quantization


    Nozieres, Philippe | Pines, David