1st Edition

Theory and Practice in Social Group Work Creative Connections

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    Here is an important look at creative ways to successfully blend theoretical knowledge with skillful intervention in social group work. Theory and Practice in Social Group Work represents leading works in conceptual development that creatively connect practice with theory and also reflect the current diversity of interventions in group work practice. The book calls for more carefully articulated connections between knowledge and action and maps a strategy for strengthening social work curriculum and expanding group work practice. Some of the areas discussed include group work in medical and health settings, group work with people undergoing life cycle transitions, and group work interventions with vulnerable populations.

    A wide range of possibilities for applying theories in group work situations are presented in this thought-provoking volume. Some specific examples discussed include group work interventions with persons affected by the AIDS crisis and persons at high risk of contracting HIV, a group model for the management of chronic pain, group intervention services for the homeless mentally ill delivered through a mobile outreach team, a bingo group in an SRO hotel, group work with adults molested as children, and a model of practice for work with minority populations and communities.

    Contents Foreword
    • Introduction
    • I. Theory, Practice, and Education
    • Creative Connections Between Theory and Practice
    • All Lives Are Connected to Other Lives: The Meaning of Social Group Work
    • Maximizing the Potential of Social Group Work Method
    • Issues in Education for Social Work With Groups
    • II. Health
    • Social Work With Groups in Health Settings: Past, Present, and Future
    • Content and Process Issues in a Pain Management Group Using Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions
    • Group Therapy With People With AIDS/Kaposi‚Äôs Sarcoma
    • AIDS Anxiety: Techniques and Skills With a Worried-Well Group
    • III. Practice and Intervention
    • Group Work With the Homeless Mentally Ill: In Shelters, Drop-In Centers, and SRO Hotels
    • Group Treatment for Adults Molested as Children: An Educational and Therapeutic Approach
    • Group Work for Parents, Siblings, and Relatives of Developmentally Delayed Children
    • IV. Transitions in Life
    • Self-Help Socialization Groups for Adolescents in Residential Treatment
    • Facilitating Adult Life Transitions Through Usee of Groups
    • V. Vulnerable Populations and Communities
    • Parameters of Group Work: A Model of Practice With Reference to Minority Populations
    • An Exploratory Model for Group Work With Refugees and Immigrants
    • Advancing Community Group Work Theory Through Action-Research
    • Index


    Kenneth L. Chau, Marie Weil, Dannia Southerland