1st Edition

Theory of Stability of Continuous Elastic Structures

By Mario Como, Antonio Grimaldi Copyright 1995

    Theory of Stability of Continuous Elastic Structures presents an applied mathematical treatment of the stability of civil engineering structures. The book's modern and rigorous approach makes it especially useful as a text in advanced engineering courses and an invaluable reference for engineers.

    An Introduction to Stability Analysis of Elastic Structural Systems
    A Review of the Common Approaches to Stability Analysis in Structural Engineering
    A Review of the Energy Criteria of Stability for Finite Degrees of Freedom Systems
    A Review of Some Functional Analysis Concepts
    Metric Spaces, Normed Spaces, and Branch Spaces
    Finite and Infinite Dimensional Normed Spaces; Equivalence and Nonequivalence of Norms
    Dense Subsets, Total Bounded, and Compact Spaces
    Inner Product Spaces-Hilbert Spaces
    Symmetric Positive, and Positive-Definite Operators and Their Energy Spaces
    Calculus of Operators and Functionals-Extreme Values of Functionals
    Generalized Derivatives and Sobolev Spaces
    General Stability Analysis of Continuous Elastic Systems
    Formal Analysis of Stability
    The Requirement of the Stability at the Unstressed State for a Physically Acceptable Theory of Stability-The Choice of the Energy Norm
    Stability Analysis with Respect to the Energy Norm
    Equilibrium Stability of Continuous Elastic Structures
    Buckling and Stability Analysis of the Undimensional Beam Model
    Torsional-Flexural Buckling of Inextensible Rods
    Basic Problems in Stability Analysis of Plates and Shells
    Tridimensional Elasticity
    Buckling of Continuous Elastic Structures
    The Structural Continuum-The General Formulation of the Neutral Equilibrium
    The Additional Internal Work and the Neutral Equilibrium Equation
    Comparisons with Other Formulations
    Pure Strains in Curvilinear Coordinates
    Buckling of Bars
    Buckling by Torsion and Flexure of Thin-Walled Open Cross Sections
    Lateral Buckling of Deep Beams
    Buckling of Shells
    Bifurcation or Snapping at the Critical State of Continuous Elastic Structures
    Equilibrium Paths of General Nonlinear Elastic Systems
    Bifurcation of Perfect Systems
    General Aspects of the Postcritical Behavior of Quasiperfect Structural Systems
    Some Applications of the Initial Postbuckling Analysis


    Mario Como (Author) , Antonio Grimaldi (Author)