1st Edition

Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance

By Myk Habets Copyright 2009
    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    Torrance's vision of Theosis (deification/divinisation) is explored through his doctrine of creation and anthropology, his characterisation of the incarnation, his accounts of reconciliation and union with Christ, and his theology of church and sacraments. Myk Habets' study distinguishes Torrance's Reformed vision of theosis from other possible accounts of salvation as divinisation as they are found, for instance, within patristic thought and Eastern Orthodoxy. This book presents the first critique of the theology of T.F.Torrance to focus on theosis, and examines a model of theosis within the realm of reformed theology built upon Western theology.

    Contents: Preface; Introduction: approaching T.F. Torrance and the theme of theosis; Creation and theological anthropology; Incarnation: God became human; Partaking of the divine nature; Community and communion; Conclusion: the 'danger of vertigo'?; Bibliography; Index.


    Myk Habets, Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Carey Baptist College, Auckland, New Zealand

    ’... being able to read Torrance in light of Habets’s research on this critical, dominant theme found in Torrance’s corpus is a great reward that the effort [Habets] has put forth to greatly serve readers of Torrance.’ Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology '[Habet's] original research should be welcomed in all libraries as indispensable reading for a wide range of courses in theology and religious studies, history of biblical interpretation, Jewish-Christian relations, psychology, and hate studies.' Religious Studies Review 'Habets has provided a helpful way for us to enter a study of either theosis or Torrance. His bibliography provides an avenue into Torrance's works, and into the secondary literature about him.' Colloquium 'I highly recommend this book for scholars, Seminary and Bible College students, and the highly motivated lay person in the Church. Myk Habets offers the Church of Jesus Christ a service by unearthing a rich doctrine of Reformed theosis from the English speaking, Scottish born theologian, par excellence, Thomas Torrance.' Pacific Journal of Baptist Research