1st Edition

Therapeutic Approaches in Psychology

By Sue Cave Copyright 1999

    Therapeutic Approaches in Psychology is a simple introduction to the many psychological therapies in use today, including cognitive-behavioural, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches.

    Introduction. Somatic Therapies. Psychodynamic Therapies. Behavioural Therapies. Cognitive and Cognitive-behavioural Therapies. Humanistic and Existential Therapies. Research Methods in Atypical Psychology. Evaluation of Therapy. Ethical Issues. Conclusions: Clinical Practice. Study Aids [Glossary, Bibliography, Index].


    Sue Cave

    'I wholeheartedly recommend it as a text for students, either for use in the classroom ... or as a personal study text. It will help students develop the evaluative skills so important for higher grades.' - Annette France, Vice Principal, Lutterworth Grammar School and Community College

    'A fascinating read ... well written and accessible with excellent exercises to encourage reviewing of material throughout. The author has appropriately extended the basic knowledge base of this topic.' - Matt Jarvis, author and Lecturer in Psychology and Education