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Therapeutic Cultures

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This interdisciplinary series explores the role which therapeutic discourses and practices play in the organisation of social life, critically addressing the two broad questions of how therapeutic knowledge is popularised beyond academia and mental health care, and how it participates in popular culture, and in institutional structures and processes in government, law, education, media, health, work, family life, public and private policies. Therapeutic Cultures seeks to address the histories of therapeutic culture and engage with its contemporary manifestations, so welcomes books that examine the transnationalisation of therapeutic discourses and practices and their uses in local institutional settings, as well as studies of the ways in which therapeutic discourses and practices participate in the social organisation of power, and how they become ingrained across a wide array of institutions.

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Therapeutic Worlds Popular Psychology and the Sociocultural Organisation of Intimate Life

Therapeutic Worlds: Popular Psychology and the Sociocultural Organisation of Intimate Life

1st Edition

By Daniel Nehring, Dylan Kerrigan
September 30, 2020

This book builds a fresh perspective on therapeutic narratives of intimate life. Focusing on the question of how popular psychology organises everyday experiences of intimacy, its argument is grounded in qualitative research in Trinidad in the Anglophone Caribbean. Against the backdrop of Trinidad’...

The Psychologization of Society On the Unfolding of the Therapeutic in Norway

The Psychologization of Society: On the Unfolding of the Therapeutic in Norway

1st Edition

By Ole Jacob Madsen
November 28, 2019

The Psychologization of Society explores the manner in which psychology has increasingly crept into everyday life, with nature reduced to a source of mental health, the belief in God motivated by health not salvation, sin and evil turned into psychiatric diagnosis and the market economy being ...

Assembling Therapeutics Cultures, Politics and Materiality

Assembling Therapeutics: Cultures, Politics and Materiality

1st Edition

Edited By Suvi Salmenniemi, Johanna Nurmi, Inna Perheentupa, Harley Bergroth
August 27, 2019

The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license. This volume examines the ways in which people engage with therapeutic practices, such as ...

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