1st Edition

Therapies for Nail Disorders
A Quick Guide to Best Practice

ISBN 9781138370364
Published February 28, 2020 by CRC Press
214 Pages 181 Color & 11 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This concise text presents the essential points of diagnosis and a quick guide to what are currently the best evidence-based practices in treatment methods. In addition to material on the diseases themselves, there are useful appendices on how to carry out ancillary procedures.

Contents: Acute paronychia * Bowen disease * Brittle nails * Chronic paronychia * Eczema * Erythronychia * Glomus tumor * Hematomas * Herpes simplex * Ingrowing nail * Lichen planus * Melanoma * Melanonychias * Myxoid cysts * Onycholysis * Onychomatricoma * Onychomycosis * Onychotillomania * Psoriasis * Retronychia * Squamous cell carcinoma * Subungual exostosis * Trachyonychia * Transverse overcurvature * Warts * Yellow nail syndrome * Practical procedures * Preparing a biopsy specimen

Table of Contents

  1. Acute paronychia Jorge Ocampo-Garza and Patricia Chang
  2. Bowen’s disease Leah Cohen and Martin N Zaiac
  3. Brittle nails Tatiana Vilas Boas Gabbi
  4. Chronic paronychia Walter Refkalefsky Loureiro and Hind M. Almohanna
  5. Eczema Azhar Abbas Ahmed and Antonella Tosti
  6. Erythronychia Cristina Diniz Borges Figueira de Mello
  7. Glomus tumor Emerson Henrique Padoveze and Suelen Montagner
  8. Hematomas Shari R Lipner
  9. Herpes simplex Matilde Iorizzo
  10. Ingrowing nail Azzam Alkhalifah, Florence Dehavay, and Bertrand Richert
  11. Lichen planus Bianca Maria Piraccini, Aurora Alessandrini, and Michela Starace
  12. Melanonychias Nilton Di Chiacchio and Nilton Gioia Di Chiacchio
  13. Myxoid cysts Nilton Gioia Di Chiacchio and Nilton Di Chiacchio
  14. Melanoma Eckart Haneke
  15. Onychomatricoma Glaysson Tassara Tavares
  16. Onychomycosis Roberto Arenas, Sabrina Escandón-Pérez, and Eder R. Juárez-Durán
  17. Onychotillomania Sarah Azarchi and Evan A. Rieder
  18. Onycolysis Shari R. Lipner and Carlton Ralph Daniel, III
  19. Psoriasis Stamatis Gregoriou, Eftychia Platsidaki, and Dimitris Rigopoulos
  20. Retronychia Thomas Knackstedt and Nathaniel Jellinek
  21. Squamous cell carcinoma Adriana Guadalupe Peña-Romero and Judith Dominguez-Cherit
  22. Subungual exostosis Leandro Fonseca Noriega
  23. Trachyonychia Jacob Griggs, Brandon Burroway, and Antonella Tosti
  24. Transverse overcurvature Tracey C. Vlahovic
  25. Warts Sonali Nanda, Rachel Fayne, and Martin N Zaiac
  26. Yellow nail syndrome Michela Starace, Aurora Alessandrini, and Bianca Maria Piraccini


  1. Practical procedures Nilton Gioia Di Chiacchio, Cristina Diniz Borges Figueira de Mello, and Nilton Di Chiacchio
  2. Preparing a biopsy specimen Curtis T. Thompson


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Nilton Di Chiacchio, MD, PhD: Head of the Dermatologic Clinic, Hospital do Servidor Público Municipal de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Antonella Tosti, MD: Fredric Brandt Endowed Professor of Dermatology, Dr. Phillip Frost Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, Florida, USA