3rd Edition

Therapy of Parkinson's Disease

Edited By Rajesh Pahwa, Kelly E. Lyons, William Koller Copyright 2004

    A comprehensive review of current tactics in the therapeutic management of Parkinson's disease, this volume offers summaries of salient research findings as well as contemporary attitudes and practical advice from field specialists. The well-timed Third Edition is expanded and topically reorganized to register trends and progress in anti-parkinsonian medications, ablative surgical options, deep brain stimulation, nonmotor symptom treatments, nonmedical strategies, and investigational therapies.

    Background: early iconography of Parkinson's disease, Christopher G. Goetz. Clinical aspects: epidemiology of Parkinsonism, Ali H. Rajput, Alex Rajput, and Michele Rajput; differential diagnosis of Parkinsonism, Kapil D. Sethi; pathophysiology and clinical assessment of Parkinsonian symptoms and signs, Joseph Jankovic; nonmotor symptoms of Parkinson's disease, Richard B. Dewey, Jr; neuropsychological aspects of Parkinson's disease and Parkinsonian syndromes, Alexander I. Troster and Steven Paul Woods; treatment of mental changes, Jorge Juncos; neuroimaging in Parkinson's disease, Kenneth Marek, Danna Jennings, and John Seibyl. Pathology and neurochemistry: neuropathology of Parkinsonism, Dennis W. Dickson; neurochemistry, Jayaraman Rao; neurophysiology/circuitry, Erwin Montgomery; animal models of Parkinson's disease and related disorders, Giselle M. Petzinger and Michael W. Jakowec; dopamine receptor diversity - anatomy, function, and relevance to Parkinson's Disease, Deborah C. Mash. Aetiology: genetics, Zbigniew K. Wszolek and Matthew Farrer; environmental risk factors for Parkinson's disease, Jay M. Gorell and Benjamin A. Rybicki. Medications: amantadine and anticholinergics, Joseph S. Chung, Allan D. Wu, and Mark D. Lew; levodopa, Anthony J. Santiago and Stewart A. Factor; dopamine agonists, Mark A. Stacy; monoamine oxidase inhibitors in Parkinson's disease, Daryl Victor and Cheryl Waters; catechol-o methyltransferase in Parkinson's disease, Ronald F. Pfeiffer; investigational pharmacological treatments for Parkinson's disease, William Ondo. Surgical therapy: lesion surgeries, Michael Samuel and Anthony E. Lang; deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease, Rajesh Pahwa and Kelly E. Lyons; neural transplantation in Parkinson's disease, Elmyra V. Encarcion and Robert A. Hauser. Other forms of treatment: Parkinson's disease symptom management - an interdisciplinary approach, Ruth A. Hagestuen, Rosemary L. Wichmann, and Marjorie L. Johnson.


    Rajesh Pahwa, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City. Kelly E. Lyons, Ph.D University of Kansas Medical Center. William Koller

    "…an impressive collection of expert opinions and reviews on all aspects of the management of patients with Parkinson's disease."
    -Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry

    "…a thorough review of the current state of PD treatment….recommended for any library and information center that serves medical professionals whose patients include older adults as well as research scientists interested in the study of neurogenerative diseases."

    "…provides a well balanced account of the relative merits and problems of the drugs commonly used in PD…
    "…this book is invaluable for the neurologist with an interest in PD…recommended."
    -Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry