1st Edition

There's a Lot of it About v. 2, Private Life

    This book contains forewords by Chris Del Mar and James Hutchinson respectively - Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University, Australia; Chief of Infectious Diseases Control, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. Acute respiratory infections make up a quarter of all primary care consultations. This book is the ideal quick reference and teaching aid. In presenting best evidence on the epidemiology, causes and management of the most common acute respiratory infections, this book gathers together a wealth of previously scattered original research and information and offers solutions for practical application. It is concise, clear and easy to use. Primary care professionals, including doctors, nurses and health visitors will find it invaluable, as will general practitioners in training. 'There is much more to these diseases than most of us realise. It will not take you long to find fascinating and useful material here. It makes for a very interesting read. The evidence about management, as well as diagnosis, is very important. Acute respiratory infection is one of the famously important areas in which mistaken beliefs by not only our patients, but also us doctors, of the benefits of antibiotics makes to the contribution of bacterial resistance. Graham Worrall has highlighted new forms of treatment we often forget when we reach for the pad to write another 'safety' prescription for antibiotic. There is a wealth of information here.' - Chris Del Mar, in his Foreword. 'An objective, thoughtful treatment of a subject that accounts for a large part of a primary care physician's working life but inexplicably little of his or her training. Thorough evaluation of the literature, often exposing huge gaps in the study of these extremely common conditions, will serve as an impetus for study and a guide to rational decision-making. The straightforward approach with excellent practical distillations of the evidence and resulting recommendations is perfect for the busy physician or busy student. As someone who teaches medical students about infections I have longed for a concise resource to support my efforts at encouraging prudent antibiotic prescription for respiratory tract infections. I long no more.' - James Hutchinson, in his Foreword.

    What I've tried to do in this book. Epidemiology and aetiology of ARIs seen by GPs in the developed world. Colds. Acute sore throat. Acute otitis media. Acute bronchitis. Acute sinusitis. Influenza. Croup. Bronchiolitis. Clinical judgement or diagnostic tests. The antibiotic resistance debate. GP and patient attitudes. Strategies to promote change.


    Graham Worrall, Chris Del Mar, Sir Liam Donaldson