This book contains keynote lectures and 54 technical papers, presented at the 23rd International Thermal Conductivity Conference, on various topics, including techniques, coatings and films, theory, composites, fluids, metals, ceramics, and organics, related to thermal conductivity.

    Keynote Lectures 1. Physical Properties are Controlled by Structures 2. Improved Correlations for the Thermal Conductivity of Propane and n-Butane Session 1: Techniques 3. Automatic Non-Destructive Brake Tester for Thermal DifFusivity/Conductivity of Aircraft Brake Disks 4. Improved Axial Cut-Bar Apparatus 5. Design of a Subminiature Guarded Hot Plate Apparatus 6. Specific Heat Measurements with the Hot Disk Thermal Constants Analyser 7. Optimization of the Thermal Conductivity Measurement by Modulated DSC™ 8. Estimation of a Space-Varying Heat Transfer Coefficient or Interface Resistance by Inverse Conduction 9. Kalman Filtering Applied to Thermal Conductivity Estimation in Pulse Experiments 10. Using the Discrete Fourier Transform in Thermal Diffusivity Measurement 11. Parameter Estimation Method for Flash Thermal Diffusivity with Two Different Heat Transfer Coefficients 12. Multiple Station Thermal Diffusivity Instrument Session 2: Coatings and Films 13. Theoretical Aspects of the Thermal Conductivity in Thin Films 14. Thermal Conductivity of Thin Dielectric Films 15. Measurement of the Thermal Diffusivity of Diamond with a Modified Angstrom Method 16. An Improved Dynamical Method for Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat Measurements of Thin Films in the 100 nm-Range 17. Phonon Knudsen Flow in GaAs/AlAs Superlattices 18. Measurement of Thermal Properties of Thin Films Using Infrared Thermography 19. Laser-Assisted AC Measurement of Thin-Film Thermal Diffusivity with Different Laser Beam Configurations Session 3: Theory 20. Thermal Conductivity of Zirconia 21. A Rigid-Ion Lattice Dynamical Model for Calculating Group Velocities in Simple, Body-Centered, and Face-Centered Cubic Crystals 22. Phonon-Focusing Effects in Dispersive Body-Centered Cubic Crystals 23. Phonon-Focusing Effects in Dispersive Face-Centered Cubic Crystals 24. Energy-Flow-Reversing N and U Processes in Dispersive Crystals 25. Thermal Conductivity of Linear Chain Semiconductor (NbSe4)31 Session 4: Composites 26. Composition Effects on MMC's Thermal Properties and Behavior under Transient High Fluxes 27. Effect of Heat Treatment on the Thermal Conductivity of a Particulate SiC Reinforced 6061 Aluminum Matrix Composite 28. Method for Measuring the Orthotropic Thermal Conductivity and Volumetric Heat Capacity in a Carbon-Carbon Composite 29. Thermal Diffusivity Imaging of Continuous Fiber Ceramic Composite Materials and Components Session 5: Insulation 30. Effective Diffusion Coefficients for CFC-11 by Gravimetric Depletion from Thin Slices of PIR Foam 31. Influence of Moisture and Air Movement in Pòrous Materials on Thermal Insulation 32. Heat and Moisture Transfer in Fiberglass Insulation under Air Leakage and Frosting Conditions 33. Low-Pressure Thermophysical Properties of EPB—Expanded Pferlite Board 34. Thermal Conductivity of Spun Glass Fibers as Filler Material for Vacuum Insulations 35. Thermal Conductivity of Evacuated Insulating Powders for Temperatures from 10 K to 275 K 36. Precision and Bias of the Large Scale Climate Simulator in the Guarded Hot Box and Cold Box Modes 37. Thermal Conductivity of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Aerogels 38. Reference Materials and Transfer Standards for Use in Measurements on Low Thermal Conductivity Materials and Systems 39. The NPL High Temperature Guarded Hot-Plate 40. Combined Radiation and Conduction in Fibrous Insulation (from 24°C to 400°C) 41. Thermoinsulation of Oil- and Gas-Pipelines with Foamed Plastics in Russia 42. Effect of Sub-Minute High Temperature Heat Treatments on the Thermal Conductivity of Carbon-Bonded Carbon Fiber (CBCF) Insulation Session 6: Fluids 43. Initial Density Dependence of the Thermal Conductivity of Polyatomic Gases 44. Measurement of Thermal Diffusivity and Conductivity of a Multi-Layer Specimen with Temperature Oscillation Techniques 45. Photoacoustic Measurements to Determine Thermal Diffusivities of Gases at Moderate Pressures Session 7: Metals 46. Thermal Conductivities of Liquid Metals 47. Thermophysical Property Measurements on Single-Crystal and Directionally Solidified Superalloys into the Fully Molten Region 48. Thermophysical Property Measurements for Casting Process Simulation Session 8: Contacts And Joints 49. Effect of Interstitial Materials on Joint Thermal Conductance 50. Analytical Models for Solid-Solid Contact in Thermal Transient States Session 9: Ceramics 51. A Model for Thermal Conductivity of Irradiated U02 Fuel 52. Phonon Scattering in SIMFUEL-Simulated High Burnup U02 Fuel 53. The Thermal Conductivity of "Ceramic Powders" Session 10: Organics 54. Organic Compounds: Correlations and Estimation Methods for Thermal Conductivity 55. A Thermistor Based Method for Measuring Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity of Moist Food Materials at High Temperatures 56. Measuring Thermal Properties of Elastomers Subject to Finite Strain


    Kenneth E. Wilkes (Edited by) , Ralph B. Dinwiddie (Edited by) , Ronald S. Graves (Edited by)