Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment  book cover
1st Edition

Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment

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ISBN 9780849300820
Published September 27, 2000 by CRC Press
400 Pages

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Book Description

In a field where change and growth is inevitable, new electronic packaging problems continually arise. Smaller, more powerful devices are prone to overheating, causing intermittent system failures, corrupted signals, lower MTBF, and outright system failure. Since convection cooling is the heat transfer path most engineers take to deal with thermal problems, it is appropriate to gain as much understanding about the underlying mechanisms of fluid motion as possible.
Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment is the only book that specifically targets the formulas used by electronic packaging and thermal engineers. It presents heat transfer equations dealing with polyalphaolephin (PAO), silicone oils, perfluorocarbons, and silicate ester-based liquids. Instead of relying on theoretical expressions and text explanations, the author presents empirical formulas and practical techniques that allow you to quickly solve nearly any thermal engineering problem in electronic packaging.

Table of Contents

Nomenclature and Symbology
Unit Conversion Factors
Introduction to Formulas for Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment
Introduction to the Modes of Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment
Theoretical Power Dissipation in Electronic Components
Thermal Engineering Software for Personal Computers
Formulas for Conduction Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment
Thermal Conductivity
Conduction - Steady State
Conduction - Transient
Boundary Conditions
Conduction in Extended Surfaces
Thermal Contact Resistance in Electronic Equipment Interfaces
Discrete Heat Sources and Thermal Spreading
Formulas for Fluid Dynamics for Electronic Equipment
Hydrodynamic Properties of Fluids
Fluid Statics
Fluid Dynamics
Incompressible Ideal Fluid Flow
Incompressible Real Fluid Flow
Loss Coefficients and Dynamic Drag
Fans and Pumps
Electronic Chassis Flow
Convection Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment
Fluid Properties
Boundary Layer Theory
Dimensionless Groups
Forced Convection
Natural Convection
Radiation Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment
Radiation Equations
Surface Characteristics
View Factors
Environmental Effects
Heat Transfer with Phase Change
Dimensionless Parameters in Boiling and Condensation
Modes of Boiling Liquids
Melting and Freezing
Combined Modes of Heat Transfer for Electronic Equipment
Conduction in Series and Parallel
Conduction and Convection in Series
Radiation and Convection in Parallel
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient
Appendix: Thermophysical Properties of Materials
NOTE: References at the end of Chapters 1-6; Introduction at the beginning of Chapters 2-7

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