1st Edition

Thermal Processing of Bio-Materials

By Tadeusz Kudra, Czeslaw Strumillo Copyright 1998

    As a result of developments in biotechnology, bioengineering, and related sciences, processing of bio-materials and bioproducts has become an area of strategic importance. Written in a textbook style, this book attempts to bring together both the theory and practice of thermal processing of bio-materials. The authors describe the principal techniques such as freezing, chilling, membrane concentration, evaporation, drying, and sterilization and their own research experiences, including degradation of thermo and xerolabile bio- products.

    1. Basic Information on Thermal Processing of Bio-Materials 2. Processing by Temperature Elevation 3. Processing by Temperature Reduction 4. Processing Through Water Removal by Thermal Drying Safety and Loss Prevention in Thermal Processing 5. Selected Technologies in Thermal Processing of Bio-Materials 6. Special Techniques in Processing of Bio-Materials 7. Bioreactors


    Tadeusz Kudra, Czeslaw Strumillo