1st Edition

Thermodynamic Cycles
Computer-Aided Design and Optimization


Chih Wu

ISBN 9780367394912
Published October 17, 2019 by CRC Press
312 Pages

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Book Description

This reference illustrates the efficacy of CyclePad software for enhanced simulation of thermodynamic devices and cycles. It improves thermodynamic studies by reducing calculation time, ensuring design accuracy, and allowing for case-specific analyses. Offering a wide-range of pedagogical aids, chapter summaries, review problems, and worked examples, this reference offers a user-friendly and effective approach to thermodynamic processes and computer-based experimentation and design. Thermodynamic Cycles allows students to change any parameter and understand its effect on device performance, run experiments and investigate results, and run valuable sensitivity and cost-benefit analyses.

Table of Contents

Thermodynamic concepts: intelligent computer-aided software; review of thermodynamic concepts; thermodynamic cyclic systems; cycles; Carnot cycle; Carnot corollaries. Vapour cycles: Carnot vapour cycle; basic Rankine vapour cycle; improvements toRankine cycle; actual Rankine cycle; reheat Rankine cycle; regenerative Rankine cycle; low-temperature Rankine cycles; solar heat engines; geothermal heat engines; ocean thermal energy conversion; solar point heat engine; waste heat engine; vapour cycleworking fluids; kaline cycle; non-azeotropic mixture; Rankine cycle; super-critical cycle; design examples. Gas closed system cycles: Otto cycle; diesel cycle; Atkinson cycle; dual cycle; Lenoir cycle; Stirling cycle; Miller cycle; Wicks cycle; Ralliscycle; design examples. Gas open system cycles: Brayton or Joule cycle; split-shaft gas turbine cycle; improvement to Brayton cycle; reheat and inter-cool Brayton cycle; regenerative Brayton cycle; bleed air Brayton cycle; Feher cycle; Ericsson cycle;Braysson cycle; steam infection gas turbine cycle; Field cycle; Wicks cycle; ice cycle; design examples. Combines cycle and co-generation; combined cycle; triple cycle in series; triple cycle in parallel; cascaded cycle; Brayton/Rankine combined cycle;Brayton/Brayton combined cycle; Rankine/Rankine combined cycle; field cycleo co-generation; design examples. Refrigeration and heat pump open system cycles: Carnot refrigeration and heat pump cycle; basic vapour refrigeration cycle; actual vapourrefrigeration cycle; basic vapour heat pump cycle; actual vapour heat pump cycle working fluids for vapour refrigeration and heat pump systems; cascade and multi-stage vapour refrigeration cycles; domestic refrigerator-freezer and air conditioning-heatpump systems; absorption air-conditioning; Brayton gas refrigeration cycle; Stirling refrigeration cycle; Ericsson refrigeration cycle; liquefaction of gases; non-azeotropic mixture refrigeration cycle; design examples. Finite time thermodynamics: h

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Wu, Chih