1st Edition

Thermodynamics Made Simple for Energy Engineers

By S. Bobby Rauf Copyright 2011
    362 Pages
    by River Publishers

    This text provides an overview of important theory, principles, and concepts in the field of thermodynamics, making this abstract and complex subject easy to comprehend while building practical skills in the process. It enhances understanding of heat transfer, steam tables, energy concepts, power generation, psychrometry, refrigeration cycles, and more. Practical, easily accessible case studies illustrate various thermodynamics principles. Each chapter concludes with a list of questions or problems, with answers at the back of the book.

    Introduction to Energy, Heat and Thermodynamics
    Thermodynamics and Power
    Study of Enthalpy and Entropy
    Understanding Mollier Diagram
    Saturated and Superheated Steam Tables
    Phases of Water and Associated Thermodynamics
    Laws of Thermodynamics
    Thermodynamic Processes
    Gas Dynamics
    Psychrometry and Psychrometric Analysis
    Refrigeration Cycles and HVAC Systems


    S. Bobby Rauf