Thermodynamics in Bioenergetics  book cover
1st Edition

Thermodynamics in Bioenergetics

ISBN 9780367776688
Published April 1, 2021 by CRC Press
364 Pages

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Book Description

Thermodynamics in Bioenergetics aims to supply students with the knowledge and understanding of the critical concepts and theories that are needed in the biochemistry and bioenergetics fields. Biochemical reactions highlighting thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and enzymes are addressed in the text. Author, Jean-Louis Burgot, guides the reader through the starting points, strategy description, and theory results to facilitate their comprehension of the theories and examples being discussed in the book. Also discussed in the text are the notions of Gibbs energy, entropy, and exergonic and endergonic reactions.

Table of Contents

Some definitions. The first Law. The second law – The concept of entropy. The Gibbs and Helmhotz energy functions. Escaping tendency. Partial molar quantities. Change in the Gibbs energy accompanying a chemical transformation. Ideal and non ideal gases and gases mixtures. Ideal and non-ideal solutions. A general expression of the chemical potential. The notion of activity. The equilibrium constant of a chemical reaction. The mass action law. Electrochemical cells. The exergy. An outline of statistical thermodynamics. Strategy and postulates in statistical thermodynamics. The canonical ensemble. Expressions of thermodynamic functions resulting from the study of some other ensembles. A come back on the function entropy. Osmotic pressure and membrane equilibria. Chemical Kinetics. Enzymes. A typical biochemical kind of equilibrium: the binding of ligands to macromolecules. Origin and the fate of energy in the biological word. An overview. Some examples of the preceding considerations. Some examples (following)- Informational macromolecules. The steady state of the cell and entropy production.

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Jean-Louis Burgot has a doctorate in Physical Science and in Pharmaceutical Science. He is a member of the "Société chimique de France" and "l'Académie nationale de pharmacie." His research has centered on the synthesis and study of the physico-chemical, as well as biochemical and biopharmaceutical, properties of 1-2 -dithiole-3- thiones and derivatives and the determination of thermodynamic and kinetic constants of compounds that are pharmacologically active.