Thermoelectrics and its Energy Harvesting, 2-Volume Set: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Thermoelectrics and its Energy Harvesting, 2-Volume Set

1st Edition

Edited by David Michael Rowe

CRC Press

1,120 pages | 677 B/W Illus.

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Comprising two volumes, Thermoelectrics and Its Energy Harvesting reviews the vast improvements in technology and application of thermoelectric energy with a specific intention to reduce and reuse waste heat and improve novel techniques for the efficient acquisition and use of energy.

Materials, Preparation, and Characterization in Thermoelectrics investigates the upsurge in activity in all aspects of thermoelectrics and the rapid advances in nanotechnology fueling the development of nano-architectured materials with substantially improved thermoelectric performance.

Modules, Systems, and Applications in Thermoelectrics discusses the practical, novel, and truly groundbreaking applications of thermoelectrics in a range of markets. It details the U.S. interest in alternative energy and energy harvesting, the strong interest in Japan, Korea and Europe to incorporate thermoelectric generators in cars to reduce fuel consumption and meet EU carbon dioxide emission targets; and the European plans to build an isotopic powered thermoelectric generator.


"The selection of topics of is comprehensive and thorough, covering topics all the way from recent developments in new materials such as polymer thermoelectrics to module scale design for solar thermal applications … The writing is clear and thorough, and written at a suitable level those learning the field while still containing advanced topics for members of the thermoelectric community. … many recent developments in the field into one reference. … essential and comprehensive reference for researchers in thermoelectrics as well as for those needing a general overview of this growing field. This volume is a timely update, covering many recent developments in the field and incorporating topics important for commercialization efforts."

—Austin Minnich, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA

Table of Contents

Volume I:

General Principles and Theoretical Considerations

Transverse Thermoelectric Effects and Their Application; H. J. Goldsmid

Thermoelectric Induction in Power Generation: Prospects and Proposals; L. I. Anatychuk

Thermoelectric Devices as Heat Engines: Alternative Thermodynamic Cycles; L. E. Bell

Functionally Graded Thermoelectric Generator and Cooler Elements; E. Muller, K. Zabrocki, C. Goupil, G. Jeffrey Snyder, and W. Seifert

Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations in Thermoelectric Materials: Applications to the Development of New Materials; Jean-Claude Tedenac

First Principles Calculations of Electron Transport Properties in Disordered Thermoelectrics; Janusz Tobola and Laurent Chaput

New Thermoelectric Materials with Precisely Determined Electronic Structure and Phonon Dispersion; Tsunehiro Takeuchi

Entropy Flow in Interactive Semiconductor/Metal Nanoensembles; Dieter M. Gruen

Ab Initio-Based Band Engineering and Rational Design of Thermoelectric Materials; Jiong Yang, Xun Shi, Wenqing Zhang, Lidong Chen, and Jihui Yang

Band Structure Guidelines for Higher Figure-of-Merit: Analytic Band Generation and Energy Filtering; Espen Flage-Larsen and Ole Martin Lovvik

Introduction to Modeling Thermoelectric Transport at High Temperatures; Andrew F. May and G. Jeffrey Snyder

The Effect of Resonant Energy Levels on the Thermoelectric Power and Thermoelectric Power Factor; Joseph P. Heremans

Graphene-Like Exfoliated Quasi-2D Thermoelectric Crystals; Alexander A. Balandin

The Bottom-Up Approach to Bulk Thermoelectric Materials with Nanoscale Domains; Anuja Datta, Adrian Popescu, Lilia Woods, and George S. Nolas

Surface and Interface Effects on Thermoelectric Behavior in Crystalline Nanowires; Frederic Sansoz

Materials Preparation and Measurement

High-Performance Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials Prepared by Melt Spinning and Spark Plasma Sintering; Xinfeng Tang, Wenjie Xie, Han Li, Baoli Du, Qingjie Zhang, Terry M. Tritt, and Ctirad Uher

Fabrication Routes for Nanostructured TE Material Architectures; Muhammet S. Toprak, Shanghua Li, and Mamoun Muhammed

Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of Iron Disilicide; Yukihiro Isoda and Haruhiko Udono

The Deposition of Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3 Thermoelectric Thin Films by Thermal Coevaporation and Applications in Energy Harvesting; L. M. Goncalves

Thermoelectric Materials, Measurements, and Opportunities for Energy Harvesting; Patrick J. Taylor

Thermal and Thermoelectric Characterization of Individual Nanostructures and Thin Films; Li Shi

Microchips and Methods for the Characterization of Thermoelectric Transport Properties of Nanostructures; Friedemann VOlklein, Daniel Huzel, Heiko Reith, and Matthias Schmitt

Neutron Scattering Investigations of Thermoelectric Materials; Mogens Christensen

Volume II:

Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials, Z. Ren, G. Chen, and M. Dresselhaus

Design and Realization of Nanostructured Inorganic Intergrowths, M. Beekman, C. Heideman, M. Anderson, M. Smeller, R. Atkins, Q. Lin, N. Nguyen, and D.C. Johnson

Bulk Nanocomposites of Thermoelectric Materials, L. Chen, R. Liu, Z. Xiong, and W. Zhang

Layer-Structured Metal Sulphides as Novel Thermoelectric Materials,C. L. Wan, Y. F. Wang, N. Wang, Y. E. Putri, W. Norimatsu, M. Kusunoki, and K. Koumoto

Thermoelectric Properties of Quantum Wires within Chrysotile Asbestos Nanotubes, M.V. Vedernikov, Y.V. Ivanov, O.N. Uryupin, and Y.A. Kumzerov

Bismuth Telluride Alloys for Waste Energy Harvesting and Cooling Applications, H. Scherrer and S. Scherrer

Optimization of Solid Solutions Based on Bismuth and Antimony Chalcogenides above Room Temperature, L. Lukyanova, V.A. Kutasov, P.P. Konstantinov, and V.V. Popov

Effect of Vacancy Distribution on the Thermoelectric Properties of Gallium and Indium Chalcogenides, K. Kurosaki and S. Yamanaka

Inverse Clathrates, P. Rogl

Recent Advances in the Development of Efficient n-type Skutterudites, C. Uher

Silicide Thermoelectrics: State-of-Art and Prospects, M.I. Fedorov and V.K. Zaitsev

Thermoelectric Properties of Inter-Metallic Hybridization Gap and Pseudo - gap Systems, D. Morelli

Novel Power Factor of Si-Ge System, Y. Okamoto and H. Takiguchi

Boride Thermoelectrics; High Temperature Thermoelectric Materials, T. Mori

Polymer Thermoelectric Materials', Y. Shinohara

Thermo-mechanical Properties of Thermoelectric Materials, E.D. Case

Thermoelectric Modules, Devices and Applications

Miniaturized Thermoelectric Converters, Technologies and Applications, H. Böttner and J. Nurnus

Application of Thermoelectrics for Thermal Management of High Power Microelectronics, V. Semenyuk

Mille Kelvin Electronic Refrigeration, M.J. Prest, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, and D.R. Leadley

Heat Exchangers, J. Esarte, C. Bolluschek, and J.M. Blanco

Thin-film Superlattice Thermoelectric Devices for Energy Harvesting and Thermal Management, R. Venkatasubramanian, J. Pierce, T. Colpitts, G. Bulman, D. Stokes, J. Posthilli, P. Barletta, B. O’Quinn, and E. Siivola

Thermoelectric Systems and Applications

Thermoelectric Energy Recovery Systems: Thermal, Thermoelectric, and Structural Considerations, T.J. Hendricks and D.T. Crane

Thermoelectric Harvesting of Low Temperature Heat, D. M. Rowe

Solar Thermoelectric Power Conversion, D. Kraemer, K. McEnaney, Gang Chen, and Z. Ren

Automotive Application of Thermoelectric Technology, J. Yang

Medical Applications of Thermoelectric, A. Chen and P.K.

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