1st Edition

Thermoplastic Melt Rheology and Processing

By Aroon Shenoy Copyright 1996

    Presents rheological data on a number of polymers, making use of the master curve approach to determine unified curves for each generic type of polymer. The text offers a step-by-step procedure for developing a speadsheet computer program to obtain accurate thermoplastic rheograms at any tempertature without using sophisticated rheometres. It includes possible correlations of melt flow index with various parameters involved in polymer manufacture, product fabrication and property evaluation.

    Fundamentals of polymer melt rheology; rheometers for polymer melt characterization; from melt flow index to rheogram; upgradation and extensions of the unification technique; rheological models for unified curves; MFI123 - a spreadsheet program for viscosity versus sheer rate curves from master rheograms; from master rheograms to processing parameters; MFI correlations with other parameters.


    Aroon Shenoy

    "This book offers an interesting, practical approach to the rheology and processing parameters of thermoplastic materials. . . This book is recommended for engineers and processors who may benefit from the use of the spreadsheet program to predict the behavior of thermoplastic materials as a function of processing parameters. "
    ---Polymer News