1st Edition

Thinking About Criminology

Edited By Simon Holdaway, Paul Rock Copyright 1998

    First published in 1998. Thinking about criminology draws together the expertise of respected criminologists from the principle contemporary schools of thought. The book aims to provide a clear analysis of the relationship between sociological theory and contemporary empirical criminological research, discussing the ways in which theoretical perspectives have contributed to the understanding of relevant criminal justice institutions, law and policy.

    Thinking about criminology Facts are bits of biography, Paul Rock and Simon Holdaway; theorising - sotto voce, Clifford Shearing; making the invisible visible in criminology - a personal journey, Elizabeth A Stanko; translations and refutations - an analysis of changing perspectives in criminology, Frances Heidensohn; copping a plea, Robert Reiner; back to the future - the predictive value of social theories of delinquency, David Downes; roots of a perspective, Nils Christie; from criminology to anthropology? Identity, morality and normality in the social construction of deviance, Richard Jenkins; obitaries, opportunities and obsessions, Ken Pease; thinking about criminology - a reflection on theory within criminology, Simon Holdaway and Paul Rock.


    Simon Holdaway is Professor of Sociology, University of Sheffield. Paul Rock is Professor of Social Institutions, London School of Economics.