1st Edition

Thinking and Reasoning
An Introduction to the Psychology of Reason, Judgment and Decision Making

ISBN 9781841697413
Published April 1, 2012 by Psychology Press
328 Pages

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Book Description

The area of psychological research reviewed in this book is one that is not only increasing in popularity in college curricula, but is also making an ever larger impact on the world outside the classroom. Drawing upon research originally cited in Ken Manktelow’s highly successful publication Reasoning and Thinking, this completely rewritten textbook reflects on the revolutionary changes that have occurred in the field in recent years, stemming from the huge expansion in research output, as well as new methods and explanations, and the appearance of numerous books on the subject aimed at the popular market.

The main areas covered are probability judgment, deductive and inductive reasoning, decision making, hypothetical thinking and rationality. In each case, the material is almost entirely new, with topics such as the new paradigm in reasoning research, causal reasoning and counterfactual thinking appearing for the first time. The book also presents an extended treatment of decision making research, and contains a chapter on individual and cultural influences on thinking.

Thinking and Reasoning provides a detailed, integrated and approachable treatment of this area of cognitive psychology, and is ideal reading for intermediate and advanced undergraduate students; indeed, for anyone interested in how we draw conclusions and make choices.

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Judging and Thinking about Probability. 2. The Study of Reasoning: Classic Research. 3. Reasoning with Propositions. 4. Reasoning and Meaning. 5. Explaining Reasoning: The Classic Approaches. 6. Explaining Reasoning: The 'New Paradigm'. 7. Hypothetical Thinking: Induction and Testing. 8. Decision Making: Preference and Prospects. 9. Decisions in Context. 10. Reasoning, Thinking and You.

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Ken Manktelow is professor of Psychology at the University of Wolverhampton. He has worked on conditional, especially deontic, reasoning (with his major collaborator David Over), cognitive development and psycholinguistics, and is currently developing research into decision dilemmas and individual differences in reasoning.


"One of the few textbooks to focus specifically on thinking and reasoning, this book provides a sense both of the history of the field and of its current directions. The coverage of deductive reasoning, intuitive judgment and decision making are particularly thorough. Real-life examples are generously sprinkled throughout, making the material engaging for students." - Keith J. Holyoak, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

"Thinking and Reasoning provides a masterly overview of how our minds understand and solve complex problems. Manktelow has written a clear and lucid book describing the state of the art in psychological understanding of key topics in deduction, propositional reasoning, hypothesis testing, thinking about risk and probability, and decision making. Compelling examples illustrate fundamental principles, and numerous practical applications are described. This book will be a valuable source for students and researchers." - David Shanks, Professor of Psychology, University College London, UK

"Thinking and Reasoning is Professor Ken Manktelow’s follow-up to his excellent textbook that was the mainstay of Thinking and Reasoning courses for over 10 years. The book introduces the reader to the major new developments that have occurred in the intervening years that many argue amounts to a new paradigm in reasoning research. As in the previous work, Ken leads the reader safely through this sometimes complex material with his characteristic wit and style." - Mike Oaksford, Professor of Psychology, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK