Thinking the Political

  • Adorno and the Political book cover

    Adorno and the Political

    By Espen Hammer

    Interest in Theodor W. Adorno continues to grow in the English-speaking world as the significance of his contribution to philosophy, social and cultural theory, as well as aesthetics is increasingly recognized. Espen Hammer’s lucid book is the first to properly analyze the political implications of…

    Paperback – 2005-09-23
    Thinking the Political

  • Kristeva and the Political book cover

    Kristeva and the Political

    By Cecilia Sjoholm

    Julia Kristeva is one of the most influential French thinkers of the twentieth century and is best known for her work in linguistics. Even though her work has been very influential, the political implications of her writings have so far been neglected. Kristeva and the Political is the first book…

    Paperback – 2005-07-18
    Thinking the Political

  • Levinas and the Political book cover

    Levinas and the Political

    By Howard Caygill

    Howard Caygill systematically explores for the first time the relationship between Levinas' thought and the political. From Levinas' early writings in the face of National Socialism to controversial political statements on Israeli and French politics, Caygill analyses themes such as the…

    Paperback – 2002-06-13
    Thinking the Political

  • Deleuze and the Political book cover

    Deleuze and the Political

    By Paul Patton

    With clarity, precision and economy, Paul Patton synthesizes the full range of Deleuze's work. He interweaves with great dexterity motifs that extend from his early works, such as Nietzsche and Philosophy, to the more recent What is Philosophy? and his key works such as Anti-Oedipus and Difference…

    Paperback – 2000-05-25
    Thinking the Political

  • Lyotard and the Political book cover

    Lyotard and the Political

    By James Williams

    Lyotard and the Political is the first book to consider the full range of the political thought of the French philosopher François Lyotard and its broader implications for an understanding of the political. James Williams clearly and carefully traces the development of Lyotard's thought from…

    Paperback – 1999-12-23
    Thinking the Political

  • Lacan and the Political book cover

    Lacan and the Political

    By Yannis Stavrakakis

    The work of Jacques Lacan is second only to Freud in its impact on psychoanalysis. Yannis Stavrakakis clearly examines Lacan's challenging views on time, history, language, alterity, desire and sexuality from a political standpoint. It is the first book to provide an overview of the social and…

    Paperback – 1999-08-05
    Thinking the Political

  • Heidegger and the Political book cover

    Heidegger and the Political

    By Miguel de Beistegui

    Recent studies of Heidegger's involvement with National Socialism have often presented Heidegger's philosophy as a forerunner to his political involvement. This has occured often to the detriment of the highly complex nature of Heidegger's relation to the political. Heidegger and the Political…

    Paperback – 1997-11-13
    Thinking the Political

  • Nietzsche and the Political book cover

    Nietzsche and the Political

    By Daniel Conway

    In this study Daniel Conway shows how Nietzsche's political thinking bears a closer resemblance to the conservative republicanism of his predecessors than to the progressive liberalism of his contemporaries. The key contemporary figures such as Habermas, Foucault, McIntyre, Rorty and Rawls are also…

    Paperback – 1996-12-12
    Thinking the Political

  • Derrida and the Political book cover

    Derrida and the Political

    By Richard Beardsworth

    Jacques Derrida, one of the most influential, controversial and complex thinkers of our time, has come to be at the centre of many political debates. This is the first book to consider the political implications of Derrida's deconstruction. It is a timely response both to Derrida's own recent shift…

    Paperback – 1996-10-31
    Thinking the Political

  • Foucault and the Political book cover

    Foucault and the Political

    By Jonathan Simons

    Michel Foucault's involvement with politics, both as an individual and a writer, has been much commented upon but until now has not been systematically reviewed. This is the first major introductory study of Michel Foucault as a political thinker.Jonathon Simons explores the importance of the…

    Paperback – 1994-12-15
    Thinking the Political